Younkers Company History

Younkers is a line of historic department stores that is very prominent throughout Iowa and has numerous successful retail stores in various parts of the Midwest. The first Younkers department store opened in 1856 under the management of three brothers: Marcus, Lipman and Samuel Younker. The store was located in Des Moines, Iowa and was originally a simple dry goods store. Over the years, this first store expanded its inventory until it became a full service department store. Although many more Younkers stores were to open in the years to come, the original Younkers was destroyed in the 20th century by a tragic fire that claimed life of a third of the store’s employees. Nevertheless, the spirit of the original downtown department store remains in all of the current Younkers stores. Younkers offers customers a wide range of products including clothing, jewelry, housewares, furniture and beauty products.

Although Younkers has expanded considerably through the 19th and 20th century by purchasing their competitor’s companies, Younkers itself was acquired in 1979 by the Equitable of Iowa insurance company. Since the acquisition, Younkers has had a handful of different owners, and the company is now a subsidiary of Bon-Ton. Bon-Ton is a major clothing retailer with 280 department stores located throughout the country.

Younkers Promotional Discounts & Rewards Programs

There are a number of ways for customers to save money on their merchandise through Younkers coupons and reward programs. Younkers rewards the loyalty of their regular customers through a membership program. The Younkers membership program has three levels with different bonuses offered for every tier, including Classic, Signature, Signature Select and Elite membership. Customer earn points for the money that they spend in Younkers stores or through the company’s website and catalog. It takes 500 points to move up one tier in the rewards program, but it is important note that a customer’s point expire after a certain amount of time until a customer reaches the higher tiers of the program.

Membership in the Younkers reward program definitely has its advantages. For example, customers revieve a special all day shopping pass whenever they move up a level that allows them to save up to 20% on almost all merchandise in the store for an entire day. Once a customer has reached Signature level, they will receive a Younkers coupon for free shipping on their next order, and Elite members can earn as many as 3 free shipping coupons per year. The Younkers membership program also offers exclusive Younkers coupons and deals to its members through their email newsletter. Another benefit of enrolling in the membership program is a special birthday bonus. The birthday celebration offer gives members an opportunity to save some extra money once a year in the store through exclusive Younkers coupons addressed to members on their birthday. There is no fee for signing up in this membership program, and Younkers customers can also use their membership at any other Bon Ton store.

However, it is not necessary for Younkers customers to enroll in the membership program in order to find valuable Younkers coupons. One of the best ways to find Younkers coupons and other great deals is by consulting the weekly Younkers sale ad. This advertising circular includes seasonal promotions and Younkers coupons such as special offers for 10% off of all merchandise in a certain department of the store. The advertise circular for stores in your area can be found in the Sunday newspaper, Younkers retail stores and the companies website. Although you are able to find in store coupons by viewing the advertisement online, these coupons are not printable. Thankfully, the same coupons can always be found at the actual store by picking up a flyer in the store.

Younkers Coupon Codes

There are also some very useful Younkers coupon codes and other deals that are available exclusively online. Just about everything that is available in a Younkers department store is also available on their website, as well as a variety of merchandise that is not. Younkers always has a few online deals that are available, and there are periodically promotions that are available on their website that are considerably better than the Younkers coupons and sales available for instore purchases.

Outside of Younkers itself, the only other way to find many Younkers is by visiting bargain websites like and Unlike content scraping websites, these forums are driven by real shoppers who simply want to share links and tips to great deals in their area. Although there are not always posts on Younkers coupons on these sites, you can occasionally get lucky and find a printable coupon or coupon code for just what you are shopping for. If you are planning on making a major purchase at Younkers, it is certainly worth spending some time reviewing these well established bargain websites to find out what deals are available.