Most people have tried a variety of diets, incorporating different healthy foods into their diets with little results. Eating the right foods and exercising can have a positive impact on your weight and help you to reach your weight loss goals.

People set themselves up for failure because it is hard to break the negative patterns we set in our lives. It is so easy to make excuses for ourselves when it comes to losing weight. Procrastination as well as the loss of motivation in our weight loss journey leads to failure.

I have listed a few food choices and weight loss programs which have lead to successful weight loss for so many.

Foods That Promote Healthy Weight Loss

Of course, you should always incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet. But, if you’re not drinking enough water, all your efforts will fail. Water acts as a cleansing agent and keeps us hydrated. You should aim to drink 8 glasses of water per day. Depending on your activity level, you may need more. If plain water doesn’t appeal to you, try adding a little lemon juice or sugar-free crystals to your water.

You need to have plenty of fiber in your diet. Eating a sufficient amount of fiber will ensure that you will not have digestive issues. Having too little fiber can cause constipation which is what you definitely do not want when trying to lose weight. Constipation can make you feel sick and bloated. Foods that contain high amounts of fiber are beans, lentils, fruits, vegetables and grains. You have a variety of fiber-filled foods to choose from to help with managing your weight. Fiber helps you to feel full longer.

Foods that contain protein are also essential for healthy weight loss. You will want to eat a minimal amount of red meat because it can be very fatty. Instead, stick with white meat such as chicken and fish. Fish is extremely good for you. It is lean and provides nutrients that are needed to maintain healthy weight.

Reduced Calorie Diet

You can lose weight successfully simply by counting calories. That doesn’t mean that you can eat really bad stuff in small amounts. It means that you can have balanced meals that leave you feeling full with some healthy snacks in between. The main idea behind calorie counting is portion control. You can have something sweet here and there, you just can’t scarf down an entire box of donuts. As you take in less calories, you will begin to lose more weight. You should keep a log of the food you eat each day and fill in how many calories each meal is. By doing this, you can succeed at losing weight by counting calories.

These are a few of the proven programs available at various costs.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers has been around for years. The system has helped many shed unwanted pounds. This program gives its members a chance to meet with one another which helps in developing a support system. Members can attend live meetings or the program can also be accessed online. The goal of the Weight Watchers diet is for members to lose 2 pounds per week. Weight loss is steady. The Weight Watchers diet will allow a certain number of points each day to each member based on their body composition. Participants are given a booklet that tells how many points any kind of food will cost them. It also includes meals that can be ordered at restaurants so members won’t be tempted to cheat while dining out. Weight Watchers is a safe and reliable diet. It certainly is not a fad diet and it is here to stay.

South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet was developed for overweight heart patients. It provided excellent results for these patients. While this diet is similar to the Atkin’s Diet, there are some differences. It is often referred to as the healthy version of the Atkin’s Diet. During the first two weeks on this diet, most carbohydrates must be completely avoided. This would include rice, pasta and bread. Instead, you are required to eat three meals a day until you are satisfied. These meals include meats, shellfish, turkey, chicken and fish. Nuts, fat-free cheese, eggs, salad and vegetables are also on the menu for this diet. You can expect to lose 9 to 13 pounds during this phase of the diet. During the second phase of the South Beach Diet, carbohydrates are reintroduced, but only a little. This stage of the diet will allow you to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. The third phase of this diet requires that you make a lifestyle change and eat healthy foods and maintain your weight. This diet is about balancing the good carbs and the bad carbs. This diet also has an online program with a database of recipes which also offers alternatives to vegetarians.

Nutrisystem Diet

The Nutrisystem Diet provides prepackaged foods to its participants which typically includes three meals and two snacks per day. These are shipped directly to the customer. Different options are provided for men, women and vegetarians. This diet provides a safe and healthy way to lose weight. You must be willing to stick with the meal plans. The idea behind this concept is that the meals are prepackaged, and therefore, contain the right amount of calories for your physical makeup. If you sneak other foods in on this diet, you will not get the results you had hoped for and you will be spending a lot of money for nothing. This diet plan can work but it will take hard work and determination. The meals can be pricey, but if you are someone who’s on the go, this may be the right diet plan for you.