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The History of Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is a worldwide known company that teaches people how to eat right and lose weight. Not only does Weight Watchers have individual centers all throughout the world where meetings are held, but they also offer meals and other food products bearing the trademark name. An overweight woman inspired the idea behind Weight Watchers in 1961 through learning that having accountability with her friends helped her lose weight. Through weekly support meetings between Jean Nidetch and her friends, the group of friends all began losing weight.

As Nidetch’s idea began to spread, through the encouragement of others it was suggested that she should set up classes at a business location. In May of 1963, Weight Watchers became incorporated and the first public meeting was held in Queens, New York. Members of her classes that were successful would become trained and eventually begin teaching classes of their own until Weight Watcher classes were appearing all over the United States and even in other nations like England, Ireland, and Australia. The programs followed nutritionally balanced food plans, and in 1978 a plan for exercise was also incorporated into Weight Watchers, making it one the first weight loss programs that suggested the importance of walking for overall fitness.

Also in 1978, Weight Watchers International was sold to the H.J. Heinz Company, where it continued to grow and prosper. The Heinz Company also began marketing and selling Weight Watcher packaged foods at this time. Although the company has evolved and adjusted its plans to accommodate changing lifestyles, the main principles have remained the same. In 1999, the Heinz Company sold Weight Watchers to the European investment firm Artal Luxembourg, which still owns the company today. Weight Watchers now uses the idea that their program is not a diet, but instead a lifestyle change.

Today the Weight Watcher plan follows a point system, and each person is allotted a certain number of points per day based upon their age and weight. There have been many success stories of those following Weight Watchers and many famous celebrities have been spokespersons for the company including Jennie McCarthy, Lynn Redgrave, Sarah Ferguson, and most recently, Jennifer Hudson.

Finding Weight Watchers Promotional Discounts

There are many different ways to find coupons and discounts for both joining Weight Watcher programs and buying Weight Watcher meals and other food products. By going to the Weight Watcher website you can find many different promotions and discounts, including joining for free, or getting one week’s enrollment free. Those are the current offers at this time, and do occasionally change. There are also places on the website where you can print off coupons for certain Weight Watcher products. Coupons for other Weight Watcher products can also be found in coupon inserts in local Sunday newspapers.

Weight Watchers has proven to be a reliable way to effectively lose weight if you correctly follow their plan. Through various links on their website and coupons found in your paper, you can save money on different Weight Watcher products and services.