In the early 2000s, weight loss spas and resorts became a growing trend in the diet and weight loss arena. Individuals choose weight loss spas for renewal and healthy lifestyle education. Once at home, these regimens are incorporated into the participant’s regular routine.

The weight loss spas have programs that address a sundry of health issues that arise from being overweight. The programs address issues such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, arthritis, smoking cessation, stress management, and other ailments.

The weight loss spa vacations vary in lengths. The retreats can be week long renewal programs to several months depending upon the structure. Most resorts have golf, swimming, and various other activities to encourage healthy activity. For the duration, the individual will be surrounded by physicians, teachers, dieticians, psychologists, and fitness instructors. The individual will also receive healthy gourmet dining, as well as, pampering massages. These types of benefits encourage and promote the healthy lifestyle options taught in class.

There are several weight loss spas that are noted for their impressive weight loss programs. Three spas will be highlighted in this article to give the reader an idea of the amenities available.


Pritikin’s program has been noted in The New England Journal of Medicine for lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels. The participant’s results were so remarkable that most no longer need blood pressure medication or cholesterol medications. Many participants have avoided heart surgery by participating in the Pritikin’s program. Additionally, the Pritikin program has been shown to reduce the need for insulin injections necessary for Type 2 diabetes.

Located in the midst of the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, the participant can expect to receive comprehensive introductory health screenings, complete with blood work and cardio metabolic stress testing. At the Pritikin’s spa, all tests will be evaluated by board certified physicians. Additionally, a preliminary fitness evaluation will be submitted to assess the participant’s fitness level upon entry into the program. Plans will be devised to address weight loss goals and dietary needs.

Teachers will instruct the participants through workshops. Pritikin’s instructors are world-renown for their incredible teaching techniques. In the workshops, the participants will learn skills such as stress management, how to dine in restaurants, how to prepare healthy meals at home, personal exercise regimens and much more.

Ten classes will be held daily to help guests customize their exercise regimens. Classes include yoga, pilates, aquatics, treadmill cardiovascular training, and strength training.

Participants are encouraged to eat, but eat healthy. Six gourmet meals are served throughout the day. Chefs prepare meals, such as roasted lobster, paella, and risotto.

Massages, facials, cosmetic surgery, marina, beach club, tennis, and golf are all at the participants disposal. Pritikin’s also offers programs that address cancer, smoking cessation, stress, and other illnesses.


Cal-A-Vie is a 200 acre resort located in San Diego County. Accommodations are in Mediterranean styled villas complete with its own private Ted Robinson style golf course. The programs are week long renewal programs to serve as inspiration to change the participant’s lifestyle to include healthy choices and overall wellness.

Each day the participants dine on gourmet cuisine, partake in luxurious spa therapies, engage in invigorating fitness regimens, and relax in the villas. Educational discussions on stress management and general nutrition and wellness are also incorporated into daily activities. The ratio of the staff to each guest is 5:1. Therefore, no guest will be left feeling unattended.

Hilton Head Health

Hilton Head Health is an award winning weight loss spa resort located on the beautiful Hilton Head Island Beach in South Carolina. This resort possesses hiking trails enveloped by oak trees draped with moss, magnolia trees and miles of white sand beaches. The focus of this tranquil and serene retreat is on fitness, nutrition, and S.E.L.F. S.E.L.F. is an acronym for stress management, empowerment, longevity, and fulfillment.

Each day is fill with 5 to 6 hours of fitness training. The training ranges from water fitness to Zumba Latin dance. Beach boot camp and cardio fitness are also included as a part of the fitness regimen.

Since nutrition is viewed as an essential tool in weight loss, a significant portion of the program is focused on learning to make healthy food choices. The gourmet meals served are based upon natural ingredients. Informative classes are taught to instruct the participants to continue making healthy choices once they return to their respective homes.

S.E.L.F incorporates a mind-body wellness experience into the weight loss program. Much of weight loss involves a mental preparation. Therefore, many seminars address topics such as how to stay motivated, how to manage stress and how to achieve individual goals. Nearly seventy percent of the participants have successfully managed to maintain or improve their weight loss up to two years after the retreat.