Two days ago, after my husband and I finished cutting a customer’s lawn, I got a craving for a milkshake.  It’s been so many years since I’ve had one.  I couldn’t even think of a place in town that made them.

I went to this icee place and had to settle for a root beer ice cone.  I didn’t care for it.  It tasted wayyy too sweet.  Since I don’t care much for sugar, I wasn’t able to eat it.

When I got home, I still was thirsty for a milkshake.  Low and behold I had some Blue Bunny strawberry frozen yogurt in the freezer.  I used that large glass in the picture and filled it with ice cream and 2% milk.  Wow,  was that ever good.  In fact, I made myself one of these strawberry shakes two days in a row.

I was feeling guilty about all the calories. I was kicking myself for indulging in such a manner.  I decided today to take a look at the calories and sugar I consumed. Ahhh….not as bad as I thought.  There are 90 calories in half a cup (I used a cup) and there are 120 calories in 8 ounces of 2% milk (I used 1 cup).

The shake really filled me up and on both days it ended up actually being my lunch.  I’m not feeling so bad now.  I’m glad to see my indulgence wasn’t as bad as I had orginally thought.  This actually could be considered a weight loss drink.  It  filled me up so I didn’t need any lunch.  It kept me full and I didn’t do any snacking before supper.

This is my newest weight loss recipe.  It’s funny how I can go from feeling so guilty for indulging to realizing this milkshake is going to help me lose weight.  Wow…what a win-win recipe.

Milkshake Pros:             Milkshake Cons:

1.  Filled me up            1.  Over 16 grams of sugar

2.  Only 300 Calories       2.  No Fiber

3.  Zero fat               3.  More calories than I usually drink at one time

You should check out the Blue Bunny website.  They have information a nutrional guide, recipes, and even a $1.00 off coupon for their ice cream.

It’s time for me to get my grass cutting shoes on….where off to make another customer happy.