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A Brief Guide About Venus Razor Online Coupons & Products

Here is a brief guide about Venus Razor coupons and products that can help consumers find the best deals on Venus Razors. The guide includes a brief history about how Venus Razors became popular around the world. It also has information about the types of products Gillette is known for producing under this name brand. In addition, there is also information about how consumers can find coupons online that can save them as much as 25% off the regular full retail price of a wide assortment of Venus Razor products.

Venus Razors have been popular with women since their introduction in the year 2000. Venus Razors were introduced in the year 2000 in response to female consumer demands for a disposable razor system. The first model that was introduced was called the “Venus” and was covered by no less than 50 different design patents.

It featured an easy-to-use handle and an oval shaving head that pivoted to reach sensitive areas. This design was an immediate hit with female consumers because it enabled them to shave around sensitive areas of their bodies without irritating the sensitive parts of those areas.

Gillette introduced the second generation Venus razors in 2004. They were called the “Venus Divine” and the “Venus Vibrance.” They featured an improved razor blade and razor head that allowed women to shave their bodies even closer with out nicking or irritating their skin. Many women also found the comfort strip that contained essential oil extracts a nice feature on these razors because it gave them the confidence to shave their bodies without worrying about irritating their skin.

These days many women use the current Venus razor models called the “Venus Breeze” and the “Venus Embrace.” The “Venus Breeze” was introduced in 2007 and it features shaving gel included inside the razor chamber for added convenience.

The “Venus Embrace” was introduced in 2008 and it features the first-ever five blade shaving system for women. It has become such a hit that Cosmopolitan magazine gave it the 2009 Editor’s Choice Award for “Best in Beauty.”

With so many great products like these, no wonder Gillette is optimistic about the Venus Razor’s future!

Here is a list of the current products that Gillette produces under the “Venus” brand name:

Refillable razors and razor blades:

  • Venus Embrace
  • Venus Breeze
  • Venus Divine
  • Venus

Disposable razors:

  • Embrace Disposable
  • Spa Breeze Disposable
  • Tropical Disposable
  • Oceana Disposable
  • Malibu Disposable
  • Sensitive Disposable
  • Simply Venus Disposable

Shaving creams and gels:

  • Venus SatinCare® shaving creams
  • Venus SatinCare® shaving gels
  • Venus SatinCare® shaving gel bars

Venus Coupons

Another online source to consider is your local supermarket’s website.
Shoppers can also find coupons online for Venus Razor products by visiting their local supermarket’s website. For example, the Kroger family of websites sometimes offers coupons for Venus Razor products online. Their website is located at In order to receive coupons from Kroger’s, you must join their e-club. To do this, use a valid e-mail address and a real mailing address to fill out a quick sign-up form.

Once you sign up, you can receive e-coupons that can save you as much as $3.00 off any Venus Razor product or 35 cents off a Venus shaving product. Recent examples of Venus product coupons from Kroger’s have included a coupon good for $2.00 off any Venus refillable razor product. Other examples have included a coupon good for 25 cents off any one Venus shaving product.