The History of Todai

Todai is a chain of Japanese restaurants that originated in Southern California in 1985. Most of the restaurants are in California, and three branches are in Asia; in South Korea, China, and Hong Kong, and the rest are located all around the globe. The restaurant chain specializes in sushi and other seafoods, with the addition of fresh fruits and sumptuous desserts. The extensive buffet table is the chain’s main attraction, with the dishes divided into four main categories.

It is an upscale eat-all-you-can Japanese seafood buffet restaurant that offers fresh seafood varieties. Todai restaurant chain is intended to generate a distinctive family environment that seats up to 500 clients. Additionally, Todai restaurant has an enormous 160-foot buffet counter serving different kinds of sushi, salads, and entrees. They also have a dessert bar catering different cakes and fruits.

There are different kinds of sushi on display at the Todai Restaurant buffet table. The sushi being served may not be as fresh as those kinds being served at an authentic sushi bar. Some of it is quite good, and the fact that they are available at an eat-all-you-can style is an added bonus to give it a try. Plus, the lobster and crab legs on the buffet table are an incredible sight at an incredible bargain.

The foods served in Todai are divided in four categories; salad, sushi, hot entrees and dessert. Sushi has three main types; gunkan, nigiri, and roll which has 40 varieties. Hot entrees are; tempura, fried calamari, teriyaki, yakosoba, Korean galbi, Chinese jiaozi, and rice. Alcoholic drinks are also served like Japanese beers, Sake, red wine, white wine and plum wine.

There is such an assorted assembly of hot and cold seafood delicacies that are being offered at the dinner buffet of the Todai Restaurant chains. The impressive selection of fresh sushi and sashimi are complimented by the salad bar that features crab legs, New Zealand Green lip mussels, peel and eat shrimp and an assortment of other delicious treats from the sea, these varies as for the availability of seafoods on the market.

Take a look at the adjoining room for the hot foods being served on the table. There diners are going to be spoiled with the best seafood delights like; steamed clams, broiled salmon, fried calamari rings, white fish fillet, sauteed shrimp and slipper lobster tail with a rich thermador-style sauce. These main dishes are constantly being replenished and served hot and fresh by an army of professional chefs.

The well-known Teppan Yaki bar and the dessert bar at the far end of the buffet table are something to look forward to, This side of the buffet is embellished with an assortment of miniature delights like small Chocolate chip cookies and some delicious creme puffs that melt in the mouth. European inspired fruit tarts, brownies, cheesecakes, and homemade yogurt are also displayed. For those who want to resists giving in to those sweet delights, fresh melon slices and other fruits are on the stand by. The chain also features take out services, and a wheelchair access.

Todai means “Light House” in Japanese. The chain is a fashionable and expensive restaurant that serves it food in a buffet style. Buffet prices vary, by location. Lunches are ranged from $16.95 to $18.95, and dinners from $26.95 to $28.95. Pricing for children are based on height, and there are discounts being offered for senior citizens at 20% for dinner and 10% for lunch. Birthday complimentary meal certificates are given for those you will on their birthdays.

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