Tide Logo.Tide, America’s trusted laundry detergent for more than 60 years, becomes even more reasonably priced when coupons are used. Found online and offline, Tide coupons are readily available.

Capable of penetrating stained clothing due to it’s unique blend of synthetic surfactants, Tide is considered to be the world’s first heavy duty detergent. Introduced to test markets by Procter & Gamble in October 1946, Tide quickly changed the way households washed their clothes. By the 1950s, Tide was outselling all other brands of laundry detergent, and many store owners found it necessary to begin limiting the quantity purchased per costumer.

During the 1940’s there was but one Tide detergent formula available on any given store shelf. Now the choices are many, including liquid or powder, tablets, bleach alternative, detergent with a touch of fabric softener, cold water detergent, dye free and powder free detergent, and Tide’s latest product, Tide Stain Release, which tackles chocolate, jelly and grass stains.

Look through store flyers or weekly circulars for Tide coupons wherever you shop.

Your local newspaper is another resource for coupons as most newspapers offer coupon savings one given day per week. Make it a habit to check weekly for Tide coupons.

Visit Tide’s official website for printable Tide coupons. Not only coupons are found here, free samples are sometimes available too, as well as tips on how to care for your clothes. Check often as they update the site regularly.

A quick Google search for websites offering printable Tide coupons can found by searching the product name “Tide,” or by category (laundry detergent coupons). Take your printed coupons with you to any store which honors coupons printed from the internet. Save yourself even more money by finding a store where Tide happens to be an item that is on special for the week.

Some grocery stores have discount coupons next to a variety of products each week. Even if you aren’t shopping for laundry detergent on any given day, give a glance at the laundry detergent section for Tide coupons; save it for when you need it.

Many stores have a coupon swap box. Perhaps you have a coupon for a different product that you will never use. Drop your unwanted coupon in the box and look for a Tide coupon.

Ask your friends and family if they wish to trade coupons. And don’t forget the people you know who subscribe to the local newspaper, yet toss out the coupons. Most people would be happy to give them to you.

Save yourself a little work by checking the expiration date before printing or clipping Tide coupons, as most do expire over time.

Expertly clean your clothes and save money while you’re at it; use Tide coupons.