stove top stuffingInvented by General Foods employee Ruth Siems in 1972, Stove Top Stuffing remains true to its intended purpose. Coined as one of the first “convenience foods” ever made, Stove Top Stuffing offers a fast compliment to any meal plan. Available in boxes, resalable cans and small single serve containers Stove Top Stuffing has come to fulfill its initial slogan of offering “stuffing instead of potatoes”.

Initially designed by the box which included a portioned amount of bite sized toasted bread crumbs and seasonings packaged separately, Stove Top Stuffing is now blended and includes both seasoning and bread crumbs combined in one container thus taking even one more step from what was a tedious process. Where the stuffing was once only considered for use inside the bird, the newer version of this classic family favorite takes the popular side dish from the bird and onto the plate with far less burdensome labor. For home makers and chefs in the 50’s, this was an appealing product.

Meant to alleviate some of the labor involved in traditional Holiday meal plans during Thanksgiving and into Christmas, the research and development branch of General Foods quickly realized that Stove Top Stuffing’s versatile nature made for endless meal time possibilities regardless of the time of year. With such common side dishes as rice and potatoes making their mark early on, the General Foods Company sought to broaden their current product by adding various flavors. With turkey and cornbread brands popularly confirmed, General Foods added flavors like pork, beef and chicken.

Sales continued to rise throughout the early to mid 1990’s when home makers, avid cooks and even professional chefs began to utilize Stove Top Stuffing in more ways than had been initially anticipated. By mixing everyday main dishes such as meats including pork and chicken or strips of marinated beef, Stove Top Stuffing made nutritional one pot meals a new dinner convenience.

With meal recipes including pork tenderloin with Stove Top Stuffing for pork, chicken breasts with chicken flavored Stove Top Stuffing and beef flavored Stove Top with sliced beef roast, all of these main and side dish blends could be mixed with various complimentary vegetables and stored for easy cooking later in the week. This made for an appealing meal option for the more active family.

By removing the question of which side dish to serve with the main meal item, Stove Top Stuffing became a dinner time staple which could be prepared at any time of the year and not simply during holiday meals. Although selling the most during Thanksgiving, at nearly 60 million boxes, Stove Top Stuffing during the non-holiday season is nearly as common.

Coupons for Stove Top Stuffing are commonly found online at which also offers coupons for Stove Top Stuffing products through flyer circulation. Walgreens, CVS and grocery stores such as Walmart, Kroger and other national brand food stores offer Stove Top Stuffing coupons which can total up to one dollar off of the usual price.