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Stouffers History

Stouffer’s is a brand of frozen food products owned by the Nestlé Company. It continues a tradition of high quality food items that was started in 1922 by Abraham and Lena Stouffer. This tradition has enabled Nestlé to be a major player in the frozen food industry since it purchased the Stouffer brand name in 1973.

One way that Nestle promotes Stouffer’s frozen food products is by issuing online coupons. Here is a brief guide about Stouffer’s online coupons and products that can help consumers find great deals on Stouffer’s items. The guide includes a brief company history that demonstrates how the Stouffer’s brand name became popular in North America. It also includes a list of Stouffer’s famous products as well as information on how consumers can find online coupons that can save them as much as 30% off the retail price of most Stouffer’s frozen food products.

The Stouffer’s tradition began in 1922 near Cleveland, Ohio and hasn’t changed in over 80 years. The Stouffer’s brand name was founded in 1922 by Abraham and Lena Stouffer when they opened a coffee shop in Richfield, Ohio. The brand name was extended throughout the 1920’s and the 1930’s when the Stouffer’s family included restaurants in Detroit, Pittsburgh, New York City and Philadelphia.

These restaurants were known for serving high-quality lasagna, spaghetti and other Italian favorites in a cozy setting. These menu items were so popular that patrons began to ask the Stouffer family in the 1940’s to produce frozen versions of the meals to cook at home. The Stouffer family obliged and began a frozen food business that created spaghetti, manicotti and other Italian favorites.

People were so impressed by the quality and taste of the products that Stouffer’s began selling their frozen food products nationwide in 1964. This caught the attention of Litton Industries who wanted to expand their market share. Litton Industries was so impressed by this family business that it bought out the Stouffer’s brand name from the family in 1967.

Litton Industries faced serious a financial crisis in the early 1970’s. They could not overcome their financial problems and they sold the Stouffer’s brand name to Nestlé Foods in 1973 to stop bankruptcy proceedings.

This sale was a turning point in Stouffer’s history because it set the stage for the huge popularity it enjoys today. Nestlé increased the brand’s market share in the 1970’s by issuing coupons to consumers in TV Guide, Family Circle and other magazines nationwide. Nestlé further increased Stouffer’s market share by introducing its Lean Cuisine to diet-conscious consumers in 1981. The Lean Cuisine line has expanded to over 100 items and is the most popular item in the Stouffer’s lineup because consumers love the high-quality ingredients that go into each menu item.

Today, Nestlé has tried to modernize Stouffer’s offerings by including a line of Panini sandwiches and bistro-style entrees. Perhaps they will continue an 80 year tradition of providing quality food at great prices?

Stouffers Products

Nestlé produces many frozen food items under the Stouffer’s brand name. Here are some of the best-selling items that Nestlé produces under the Stouffer’s banner:

Lean Cuisine products:

  • Entrees including escalloped chicken and noodles, macaroni & cheese and pepperoni pizza.
  • Lunch items such as beef enchiladas and Asian-style chicken.

Stouffer’s frozen foods:

  • Entrees such as chipped beef, lasagna and spaghetti with meatballs.
  • Lunch items such as stuffed peppers and pizza.

Finding Stouffers Coupon Codes & Promotional Discounts

Nestlé issues coupons for Stouffer’s frozen food items online in several ways. Here are some of the most popular ways that Nestlé issues coupons online to consumers:

One of the most popular ways to get coupons for Lean Cuisine products is through its online e-club. This e-club is located at It offers members coupons for Lean Cuisine products and other perks that can help dieters achieve results. The best part about joining this e-club is that it’s free to join. All you need is a valid e-mail and home address to save money on Lean Cuisine products. Recent coupons found in the last email sent to Lean Cuisine e-club members included a coupon good for $1.50 off any entree item. Others have included a coupon good for $2.00 off any two Lean Cuisine pizza items.

Another popular online outlet for Stouffer’s coupons is your local retailer’s website. For example, the Kroger family of retailers with Nestlé to provide e-coupons for Stouffer’s frozen food products. Consumers who’d like to get coupons from Kroger for Stouffer’s products should sign up to become a member of Kroger’s e-club. It’s located at It’s free to join this e-club. All you have to do is use a valid e-mail address to fill out a small consumer profile survey.

Consumers who’ve joined Kroger’s e-club have often received great e-coupons for Stouffer’s frozen food products. These coupons have included a 2-for1- offer that was good towards the purchase of two Stouffer’s entree items. Other coupons have included a coupon good for $1.50 off any Stouffer’s family size entree and a coupon good for $2.00 off any two Stouffer’s side items.