The History of Stoney River Steakhouse

The Stoney River Legendary Steakhouse is a place where you to go for the best steak. It has served with the motto: “Steak, Seafood, Sanctuary.” Its first store started in Atlanta, Georgia in ‘96, and it has been in the O’Charley’s Inc. Restaurant Family since 2000. Now, there are eleven stores all over the U.S. each one serves an assortment of steaks, seafood, salads, side dishes, desserts and a variety of vegetable dishes. The assortments of steaks available are; prime rib, sirloin, rib-eye and the New York strip.

Each Stoney River Steakhouse is housed in a lodge-inspired setting and located in rustic surroundings. These restaurants set a mood of sanctuary, a sense of comfort, and that feeling of being home away from home.

The Stoney River Steakhouse food has been described as comfort foods served informally but in an elegant yet simple manner. The dishes are done artistically but with no artificial colors and flavorings. They are served simply with additional trimmings.

Each unique dish comes with a special sauce, dipping or seasoning. Like the Butter-knife-tender Lodge Fillet that comes with the Stoney River seasoning. The Tempura Lobster Tails are paired with delicious honey-Dijon flavored mustard dipping sauce.

Avail of their other specialties; such as the family-style slice of chocolate Ganache Cake and a basket of warm Stone Puppies and honey butter. For entree, there are the delicious scallop appetizer and swordfish. Sweet and warm rolls are served before dinner, and the garlic mashed potatoes, as well as the caramelized mashed potatoes, are truly delicious and can compliment every meal.

Stoney River Steakhouse has a bar and offers priority seating program, and gift cards. The limited priority seating program may lessen the waiting time to be seated. Call ahead or even several days in advance and be on the list. For parties of 8 or more, it is suggested to get an advance reservation.

The gift cards are available to be purchased online. There are also coupons that give discounts on the next visit, most of these coupons are available as printable coupons, and may give a $10 or $20 off with every purchase of two or more entrees. The restaurant also offers a free E-club membership for individual coupons to be delivered through email.

Finding Stoney River Steakhouse Promotional Deals, Disounts & Coupon Codes

Get printable coupons online through websites catering to tourism, such as the website of Lake County, Illinois ( Coupons are also available on Stoney River Steakhouse’s official website (, and other sites like and

Get coupons in local magazines and city guides, most of these coupons offer a dollar of the total bill.

Sign-up for the steakhouse’s free E-club, The Red Canoe Society, and enjoy the exceptional discounts. Joining the E-club entitles the customer to a $20 coupon that can be redeemed after purchasing two dinner entrees. A limit of one coupon for every client is implemented, and this coupon cannot be used with any other in-house offers. The coupons and other information and updates will be mailed.

Also, avail of the Stoney River Steakhouse gift card, if on search for a special gift for someone or that perfect graduation gift. The finest part of discovering something fantastic is sharing it with friends. Stoney River Gift cards are exactly that. These cards are available, with values between $10 and $250, and may be purchased at any Stoney River outlet. You can also personalize them with a message for that special someone. Just go to the nearest Stoney River steakhouse or order online at their website (

Stoney River Steakhouse Coupon Policies

The coupons have expiration dates, and most of them are not to be used in combination with other offers. There is a limit of 1 coupon for every check and some of the coupons are offered for dinner only.

The Stoney River Steakhouse is an elegant and warm place that serves unbelievably delectable food. The intimate setting of fireplaces and the chic ambiance of the lodges will make each client long to stay and then will dream of coming back. Each Restaurant is a silent getaway and also a pleasant meeting place for family and friends. One can enjoy this one of a kind experience of true fine dining with the feeling of being in sanctuary.