The History of Sonny’s BBQ

Sonny’s Barbecue first blessed the taste buds of barbecue fans in 1968. Floyd and Lucille Tillman are responsible for bringing this hometown barbeque menu to life for an entire nation of people. The official name of the restaurant is Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q and it began its successful run in Gainesville, Florida. It’s named for the name that everyone calls Floyd: Sonny.

Forty years down the road, Sonny’s Bar-B-Q is as successful as ever, and the little Gainesville Bar-B-Q place has spread like wildfire across nine states. People from all over the country have been enjoying the unique flavor sensations available only at Sonny’s. The savings can be unique as well.

Sonny’s is affectionately known as the feel-good bar-b-q, due in large part to its creative and exciting menu of bar-b-q items. Sonny’s has a unique version of many old favorites like onion rings, chicken wings, and beef brisket. Even though the menu is full of fresh vegetables, known as Sonny’s garden, and tasty side dishes, the main attraction is Sonny’s long list of bar-b-q dishes.

All meat gets the Sonny’s bar-b-q treatment: Ribs, chicken, and beef are the stars of the Sonny’s menu. Pulled pork and chicken are crowd pleasers but ribs steal the show. Sonny’s rib menu is best explained by sitting down to a plate full of one of the delicious dishes, but they’re fairly well-explained by their names: Sweet & Smokey St. Louis Cut ribs and hardwood smoked baby back ribs, as well as many variations of rib dishes that include Sonny’s famous Sweet bar-b-q sauce. It’s famous for a reason.

The menu of Sonny’s is a prime example of why it has stayed in business for over forty years and why the good news bar-b-q continues to spread across the country as more and more people discover the unique recipes available at Sonny’s. The atmosphere of the restaurant is warm and welcoming; that’s yet another reason to stop by Sonny’s and see what all the fuss is about.

Sonny’s is known at local grocery stores too. The special recipe sauce is available wherever fine bar-b-q sauces are sold and many people that don’t have the opportunity to go to a Sonny’s still have the chance to try out the flavors of Sonny’s bar-b-q at home. The restaurant is popular enough to sport its own clothing line too, so you can always walk around in a Sonny’s T-shirt to show your support for their brand of bar-b-q.

Community support is one of the things that Sonny’s prides itself on. Sonny’s dedicates much of its time to helping schools and human services in whatever city it opens in. The goal is to help the people that help Sonny’s bring great food to the area. The end result is that many people in the community receive much needed funding and Sonny’s is able to make new friends in the community, friends it hopes will enjoy delicious bar-b-q ribs and chicken.

Finding Sonny’s BBQ Promotional Discounts, Special Deals & Coupon Codes

Sonny’s coupons are fairly easy to come by, especially if you join the Sonny’s e-mail club available on their Web site. The R’ U’ smokin’ club offers $5 off the first meal purchased by members. It’s an email club so you’ll receive special offers through email and be able to save a lot of money on Sonny’s food. There are also special promotions that Sonny’s frequently runs for its members.

When coupons aren’t available, there are the deal alerts that are featured on the Sonny’s Web site. There are often all you can eat deals and group discounts that help people save money on the great food that Sonny’s has to offer. Sonny’s is a fan of holiday seasons, so they usually have great offers posted on their Web site during occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, or whenever there’s a reason for families to get together and celebrate with the magic of fine dining. It’s best to always check the site around the holidays.

Coupons for Sonny’s can also be found in local newspapers, as well as special coupons that Sonny sometimes makes available to its home community. It frequently helps out with school and organizational fundraisers, meaning that there’s usually a good Sonny’s coupon out there to be found somewhere. It’s just a matter of looking hard enough.

While there are online coupon sites that feature Sonny’s coupons, it’s always best to go to the official Sonny’s site first. That’s where the latest official deals are and where you can find the most up to date information on Sonny’s promotions. Local newspapers will also have up to date and official coupons available for clipping, so there’s no chance of finding an outdated or fake offer.

Sonny’s bar-b-q is still going strong after forty years and with the great savings available online and in local newspapers, Sonny’s is sure to attract bar-b-q fans for another forty years and beyond.