Sonic Logo.Sonic Drive-in restaurants take families back to a time gone by. With their signature drive-in style dining windows and car hops on roller skates and blades, the Sonic Drive-in chain of fast food restaurants outdoes its more stationary competitors.

Started in 1953 and originally named “Top hat” drive in by then owner, Troy Smith, Sonic drive in began when car hops and poodle skirts were popular market draws for restaurant patrons. The Sonic drive in fast food chain still offers the same attraction to its patrons today. With locations stemming from its original Shawnee Oklahoma store, the Sonic Drive-in chain now boasts more than 3500 restaurants in the United States today.

With the highest rate of customer frequency in the fast food industry today, the Sonic corporation’s 3500 stores offer customers the advantages of drive thru and car-side ordering as well as table seating outside of their orders only buildings. Car hops are seen as not only service employees but as an entertaining diversion not offered at the usual fast food type restaurant chains. With the advent of the multi-service benefit offered to its customers, as well and the entertainment factor derived from their skilled skating staff, Sonics’ customer allegiance is proven.

Known for its specialty menu items such as Sonics’ “Toaster Sandwiches” using Texas Toast instead of simple bread slices and “Ex-Long Cheese Coney Dogs” featuring chili and cheese toppings on an extra long hot dog, and side items such as onion rings, tater tots and various frozen desserts and drinks, Sonics’ staple menu makes for a unique break from the usual fast food fare.

While all locations offer these menu items as well as the entertaining skating staff, some locations move even further to incorporate the local customer base with the Sonic branch itself by offering a staging place for the owners of vintage cars to show their automobiles. One of the most popular Sonic Drive-in car shows occurs in Plano, Texas. With monthly car shows including contests for best of show for cars and best of show for trucks, the Monthly Muscle Car Show at Sonic Drive-in’s Plano location has long been a customer friendly branch.

With the slogan, “Your Ultimate Drink Stop” Sonic is noted for its drinks and shakes. Sonics’ line of frosty-type drinks includes the standard flavors of chocolate and vanilla but also offer customer favorites such as caramel, strawberry, banana and pineapple. Sonics’ signature line of “Sonic Blast” frozen treats offered with toppings such as M&M’s, Oreos, Butterfinger and Reese’s Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup candies, the Sonic Blast frozen treat remains a favorite among its loyal customers.

Birthday specials are offered by the Sonic Corporation by signing up at . Coupons for menu items are also inserted inside many local papers and periodicals and may also be found, when available online at . These coupons may represent a savings between fifty cents up to one dollar depending on menu item and coupon amount.