Smart and Final Logo.Smart and Final stores were founded in Los Angeles California more years ago than any of the employees can count. They currently offer warehouse-like shopping in western states such as Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, as well as Oregon, Washington, and California.

With more than 200 stores available to consumers, Smart and Final is a warehouse store that can save you time at the market as well as money on the overall price of your purchases, cutting your grocery bill down to size. Their website, brings you Smart and Final discount coupons and store specials, as well as home recipes and things that you can take advantage of to stretch your shopping dollar still further.

In 1871 the Smart and Final Stores saw their beginning in a town that would grow to be Los Angeles. Streets were at the time not yet paved and the buildings were either wood or sun dried brick. Los Angeles was nothing like the bustling city that you know today when a young man and his brother took on two partners to begin a wholesale bulk grocery store to sell things which were known to be the staples of the day. The store sold brown sugar, flour, medicinal products, tobacco and gunpowder for the small areas residents.

That store merged and remerged, emerging to be what we see today as Smart and Final. More than 150 years later Smart and Final survives as a company that offers nearly every product that you may need for cleaning, cooking, entertainment, and anything in between.

Large restaurants, catering companies, businesses and persons shop at Smart and Final in order to save money and gather all that they need in one stop. Saving time is as much a part of shopping at Smart and Final as saving money.

Smart and Final coupons can be found all over the internet and in addition, Smart and Final accept coupons from the many major manufacturers of the products that Smart and Final carries.

The Smart and Final website features a fact sheet for your use, as well as online specials and discounts, along with recipes and ideas for the use of Smart and Final products.

Smart and Final saves time, saves money and is a smaller method of the warehouse grocery store. You will get in faster, get out faster and save money on every item that you use. The quality products and brands that you’re used to will cost less and be found all in one place.

Saving money with Smart and Final coupons and discounts will also make the shopping experience even better.

To access the Smart and Final warehouse grocery stores in your area, visit the website located at
or you may also access the Smart and Final grocery stores by using the contact information listed below.

Phone: 1-800-894-0511
Customer Relations PO BOX 2377, GMF, Los Angeles CA 90051-0377