Skippy Logo.Peanut butter was first invented in the 1890s by a physician who wanted a highly digestible protein source for his patients that was also easy to chew. Peanuts were more appealing than mashed beans or lentils. Early peanut butter separated and spoiled easily until 1923 when Joseph Rosefield created a way to make the product without the oil separation by hydrogenating. The actual name “Skippy” wasn’t trademarked as a peanut butter brand until 1933 in 48 states by the Rosefield Packing Company. There was a lawsuit filed challenging the right to use the name “Skippy” by the author of a cartoon strip with a character of the same name. Rosefield patented the peanut butter making process in 1946 and obtained a U.S. Trademark in 1948. The Rosefield Packing Company was acquired by The Best Foods, Inc., in 1955.

Skippy peanut butter originally came in a tin can until tin shortages during WWII forced food manufacturers to switch to glass jars. Skippy currently comes in a plastic jar with a light teal blue lid. Other packaging methods have included a plastic bear-shaped jar and the squeeze tube. Skippy remains one of the top three national brands of peanut butter in the United States, usually in first or second place as far as annual sales volume. Skippy varieties come in Creamy and Super Chunk, Reduced Fat Creamy and Super Chunk, Roasted Honey Nut Creamy and Super Chunk, and Natural Creamy and Super Chunk. Skippy Snack Bars came out in 2004 with granola, peanut butter, strawberry, fudge and marshmallow flavors.

Skippy peanut butter coupons are available on a regular basis in the Sunday newspaper’s Red Plum coupon section. Printable coupons aren’t available very often, but Skippy goes on sale on a regular basis as well. Combine those newspaper coupons with advertised store sales for inexpensive and great tasting peanut butter. Stock up for year-round use. Current coupon values that are available include $1/2, $.75/1 and $.60/1, depending on location. Some store locations may have double coupons available as well, making Skippy peanut butter very affordable for today’s families.

August is a popular time for Skippy peanut butter sales and coupons as parents ready their kids to go back to school. Peanut butter is well-liked by children everywhere and retains taste and consistency while stored in a lunchbox. Consumers can “Become a Fan” of Skippy Peanut Butter on Facebook, as well as printing recipes, crafts and playing games on Skippy’s Official website at Skippy advertising has included celebrities such as Annette Funicello, Olympic speed skater Bonnie Blair, baseball player Derek Jeter, illustrations by Normal Rockwell, and sponsoring the “Dennis the Menace” television show in the 1960s. Skippy also sponsored a Hollywood Theater radio program in the late 1930s.Skippy Logo.