Sketchers Background

The Skechers Shoe Company produces several styles of clothing items and shoes that are marketed primarily towards children, teens and young adults. Consumers have remained loyal to these styles for nearly twenty years because they give consumers a fantastic combination of style and value. As a result, Sketchers are one of the most popular brands of shoes in the United States.

One way that this California-based shoe company rewards customers for this loyalty is by occasionally issuing online coupons that can help customers save money on their online purchases.

Here’s an online guide Skechers products and online coupons that can help customers find great online deals on fantastic shoes. The guide includes a brief company history that describes how founder Robert Greenberg developed the company into one of the most successful shoe companies in the world. The guide also includes information on some of Skechers’ most popular products as well as information on how consumers can find online coupons that can save them as much as 10% off their total online purchases.

Company History

The Skechers brand was first developed in the early and mid 1990s in California by Ex-L.A. Gear executive Robert Greenberg. This happened when Robert Greenberg hit upon the idea of creating a line of trendy shoe styles that could compete with more expensive shoe brands. The first shoe styles included utility boots and suede skater-style shoes that were intended to compete with more expensive Doc Martens-style products.

These shoe styles did well enough to allow Greenberg to expand his offerings to include a line of casual shoes for teenagers. Many of these shoes appealed to teenagers who were looking to copy the tough and androgynous looks that were popular in the early and mid-1990s. These shoe styles did so well that major department stores such as Foley’s and Nordstrom began to sell Skechers shoes.

As a result, the Skechers Shoe Company grew into one of the largest shoe companies in the world just eight years after it was founded. This was the case because the company branched out into the apparel industry by signing a working agreement with Genova Incorporated and the American branch of the Signal Company to produce a line of T-shirts, casual wear and jeans for young men and women. This clothing line did so well that the Skechers Shoe Company was able to expand its customer base overseas by signing on with stores in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

Today, the Skechers Company’s products have broad international appeal. This is case because Skechers has expanded its offerings these days to include a nice range of children’s shoes and clothing items, work shoes and a full line of exercise products that appeal to people around the world who enjoy Skechers’ cutting edge styles and fantastic prices. As a result, the Skechers Shoe Company has a bright future ahead of it that is worth appreciating.

Several companies and designers have a working agreement to create many popular lines of clothes and shoes under the Skechers banner. Here is a look at some of the most companies and designers that create clothes and shoes under the Skechers banner:

Several companies such as Ecko Unlimited and Zoo York produce children’s shoes and clothing items. These items include a line of tennis shoes, sneakers and casual wear products that appeal to younger children and teens. Furthermore, designers such as Marc Ecko, Mark Nason produce casual shoes and clothing items for Skechers’ popular “Sport”, “Shape Ups” and “Active” lines.

Sketchers Discounts, Deals & Promotional Coupon Codes

Consumers can find online coupons for these products online via Skechers’ promotional website and on some social networking sites. Here are some of the most common ways that consumers can find online coupons for Skechers products:

One way to find coupons online is to visit Skechers’ official e-club website. It’s located at Consumers who visit this website have a chance to sign up for a free e-club that gives members coupons that can save them money on online Skechers purchases. It’s easy to sign up for this club. All you need is a valid e-mail address and you can quickly find coupons that can save as much as 20% off the price of many Skechers’ products.

Recent examples of coupons given away to Skechers’ e-club members have included a coupon good for $10.00 off any online purchases $50.00 or more. Other coupons have included coupons good for 10% off any order $40.00 or more and a coupon good for 20% off any order $80.00 or more.

Another way to get online coupons is to visit Skechers’ Facebook page. It’s located at This website lets consumers check out new products. It also occasionally offers online coupons good towards the purchase of Skechers’ products sold in malls and shoe stores around the country.

The best part about these coupons is that they are easy to find. They can be found by scrolling down Skechers’ Facebook “boxes” page and locating the “VIP Specials” box that’s located half-way down the page. Consumers who do this can occasionally find printable coupons good for deals such as $10.00 off any order $50.00 or more and 20% off any purchase $60.00 or more. As a result, don’t forget to look on Facebook for occasional coupon offers from Skechers.