Secret Logo.In 1956, Proctor & Gamble introduced a cream for women that could be rubbed to the underarm by using two fingers. The idea was to prevent underarm odor. Although it may now seem like a primitive way of doing things, it was actually quite a novel idea for the time. It only took Proctor & Gamble two years to develop the “roll-on” stick deodorant that so many know and use today. By 1964, the company had even created a spray deodorant as well. Finally, in 1978, the solid version of the deodorant was created.

“Strong enough for a man, made for a woman” became the famous slogan for the deodorant. The idea was that even though men and women have different types of needs when it comes to a deodorant, women shouldn’t have to compromise the strength for which the deodorant works. Essentially, the deodorant while smelling pleasant and presented in a pretty package still had the ability to keep the underarm area dry and fresh.

Throughout the 1980’s, Secret brand deodorant developed a wide stick antiperspirant/deodorant with three new scents including “Sporty Clean,” “Spring Breeze,” and “Powder Fresh.” During this decade, Secret became the leading deodorant brand for women. In the 1990’s, the company began working on increasing the strength and protection of the deodorant, and the “Ultra Dry” and “Sheer Dry” forms of Secret deodorant were launched. By 1999, Secret had also introduced “Platinum Soft Solid,” which was considered the strongest form of protection a woman could find over-the-counter. With all of the innovative techniques applied to the deodorant, Secret continued to be the leading choice of deodorant for women.

In 2001, three new scents were added to Secret’s line. “Ambition,” “Genuine,” and “Optimism” were created for unique individual styles of consumers. The following year, women were able to purchase a clear option of deodorant with the introduction of the “Secret Platinum Clear Gel,” and “Secret Invisible Solid.” By 2004, Secret had added Provitalin to the deodorant, which claims to improve the condition of underarms within two weeks. These unique deodorants are called “Secret Platinum & Olay┬« Conditioners.” “Secret Clinical Strength,” “Secret Scent Expressions”, and “Secret Flawless” are some of the newest types of deodorant that Secret has offered in recent years.

It is possible to receive coupons in order to purchase Secret deodorant products. Since Secret is a product of Proctor and Gamble, their website is the best place to start. By visiting Proctor and Gamble’s website, both samples and coupons can be requested. Through the site, one can sign up to receive emails and alerts about promotions and savings. Also, each month many newspapers feature a P & G BrandSAVER coupon insert. Generally, Secret coupons are featured here as well.

Secret has been a leader in women’s deodorant for years. Many women find comfort in knowing they are being protected as much as possible through the use of the products. By using coupons, it is possible to get some great deals on a fantastic product.