Scott Brand Paper Company

Do you know Scott? Neither do the Scott brothers, Clarence and E. Irvin Scott, who started their paper company way back in 1879 in Philadelphia, PA. Scott is the energetic new spokesperson for Scott Brand, but the original Scott brothers were the groundbreakers who invented the concept of marketing tissue on rolls and calling it “toilet paper.” Not only were the Scott brothers the pioneers of toilet paper as we know it today, but they were also the pioneers of paper towels and napkins. Before the advent of Scott Brand, cloth was the order of the day when it came to cleanup, with all the laundering inconvenience and sanitary issues. Before 1907, when Scott Brand introduced paper towels for use in public restrooms, people were still drying their hands on shared cloth towels. One can only imagine the inevitable health consequences of using a towel many other strangers have also recently used. Scott Brand’s innovations in the disposable paper industry helped minimize the spread of illness and revolutionized kitchens and bathrooms throughout America.

By 1939, Scott Brand was the strongest selling paper product in the United States. In the 1960’s, Scott Brand was the first company to introduce designer prints on paper towels. Scott Brand has been a trusted source of inexpensive household paper supplies for well over a century now and is still going strong. The Scott Brand was acquired by the Kimberly-Clark mega-conglomerate in the 1990’s and has since introduced the super-absorbent innovation of ridged paper towels and a new line of “Scott Naturals,” which are 40% recycled “green” paper products. Scott Brand has also introduced flushable moist wipes and a new extra-soft toilet paper, making Scott the first value brand to exceed the billion-dollar sales threshold. Scott Brand also has a line of shop towels, rags, moistened hand wipes and heavy scrub cloths for tougher jobs and home improvement projects. Scott rags are even suitable for staining furniture.

Finding Scott Promotional Discounts, Deals & Coupon Codes

Getting to know Scott is highly recommended. You can meet him on the Scott Brand website at He will show you around and introduce you to the entire line of Scott Brand products. Just click on “Do you know Scott?” and he will appear and guide you through the site. When you click on the “savings” tab, you will be able to enter your e-mail address and get printable coupons on various Scott products ranging from $.50 – $1.00 for immediate savings. You can opt-out of receiving further communications from Scott Brand when you enter your e-mail address for the coupons, so there is no worry about being barraged with unwanted e-mails in the future. There is also an option to register for a monthly newsletter and become an active community participant on the website where the focus is on sharing coupons and other money-saving and household tips with other members. Scott Brand promises never to share your e-mail address with anyone else, so you can rest assured your e-mail box will not be spammed by other companies if you register as a Scott Brand community member. There is a fairly active community with over 2,500 members on the Scott Brand site, posting tips from everything to cleaning toilet bowls, wood floors and grills, to vacuuming and cooking tips. Criticisms, questions and suggestions are also welcome and a Scott Brand representative will promptly respond to any inquiries.

Be sure to save your UPC codes and cash register receipts for all Scott products you purchase with these coupons, because with these proofs of purchase and receipts, you can return to the website and sign up for even bigger savings on more Scott products. Scott Brand is sold at most large retailers and is quite active in circulating manufacturer’s coupons and sales frequently appear in local retailer’s flyers, so always keep an eye out for additional savings on Scott Brand products directly from your local retailers.