There are numerous ways by which people can lose weight. There are weight loss programs, various diets, pills, drinks, and many exercise programs that claim to be successful. When you reseach any of these programs, you will always find testimonials from people who claim to have had success. Reviewing aa the successful weight loss results makes it difficult to decide which one fits your needs and life style and will be successful for you.

According to WebMD, it has been scientifically proven: The key isn’t just what you eat, it’s what you write. I mention quite frequently, the importance of documenting what you eat and drink everyday. A food journal is the key to success on any weight loss program you chose.

Through the study, it has been noted the less you document in your food journal, the less weight you will lose.

The bottom line is, once you have chosen a weight loss program, start your food diary and faithfully and honestly track your food intake. This is one reason Weight Watchers Program is a successful diet program, it asks participants to track what they eat.

I also suggest writing it down before you eat. It will make you think twice. Perhaps you will decide you don’t need that ice cream bar and eat some jello instead.