Science Diet Coupons.

Science Diet History

The Science Diet formula of pet food for dogs and cats originated in the 1930s when a highly acclaimed father and son team of veterinarians believed that nutrition was a key element in healthy animals. Dr. Mark Morris, Sr. and his son Mark L. Morris, Jr. answered an urgent need for a special diet for one of the first seeing-eye dogs and led the veterinarians to develop a special meal to keep the animal’s health intact. The canine suffered from kidney failure and responded favorably to the special mix that was prepared in the young Dr. Morris’s home kitchen.

The success and popularity of the dog food created a need to can the food and the veterinarians contracted the Hill Packing Co. in Topeka, Kansas to do the work. Distribution of the Science Diet food grew and from 1960 forward the internationally sold products remain one of the superior pet food brands on the market. In addition to the original recipe for dog food, a cat food formula was also developed and marketed. Still sold under the Hill name, the Science Diet product line is now owned by the Colgate-Palmolive Corporation.

Types of Science Diet Products

Both dog and cat food products are available in dry and wet form. The Hill’s Science Diet line is specifically formulated based on the animal’s age, health and dietary concerns. The white packages with red and blue labeling create a distinctive look and are easily recognized on the shelf. Most pet stores including Petco and Petsmart carry Science Diet and many veterinarians and animal hospitals also stock the food in their facilities. The Hill’s website,, takes viewers to local distributors of the food by locating a facility within their zip code or nearby. Another product from Hill’s, Prescription
Diet, is formulated for animals under a veterinarians care and is only available through a veterinarian.

Dog food: Nutrition is the primary focus of Science Diet foods and the products are formulated to be given to either puppies, adult dogs or mature animals over 7 years. The dog food is also packaged according to breed size, fitness and activity levels or special needs such as oral care. Pet owners should carefully read the recommended portions and dog’s condition, for example, pregnant or mature adult dogs do not need a high-activity formula. Wet or canned dog food contains favorite flavors of lamb or chicken and is balanced with rice, grains and natural ingredients.

Cat food: The cat food product line is similar with formulas for kittens, adult cats and those over 7 years of age. Packages of dry cat food are labeled with special ingredients to prevent hairballs or reduce weight and are normally stocked in pet supply stores. Canned food for cats can be purchased in seafood, chicken or liver flavors and may be specifically recommended for indoor or outdoor cats.

Special Science Diet Promotional Discounts

Pet owners are encouraged to switch brands by taking a “3-Bag Challenge” as a special Science Diet promotion. By registering online at, a consumer can save $5.00 on three bags of food by saving the UPC codes on the packages. They also receive additional coupons, a free pet kit and the chance to win cash in a sweepstakes contest.

Where to Find Science Diet Coupons

Many local newspapers publish flyers in their Sunday edition that feature Science Diet coupons. These promotions typically include a discount of $1.00 to $2.00 per bag of food. Major pet stores such as Petco offer a free bag of Science Diet food after 10 bags of the same brand are purchased.

At the website,, viewers are directed to eBay sites where a buyer may pay $1.99 for $4.00 coupons. The Science Diet coupons offered at are found through links to pet stores offering special promotions on cat food. Coupons for the Nature’s Best line of natural Science Diet foods can be printed at the website and redeemed for a $5.00 savings. At, coupons redeemable at Petco for dog and cat food may be found and include free shipping on orders over $50.00. Local veterinarians may also have access to Science Diet coupons and provide them in the office to pet owners.