A discount for an upper-crust fine dining restaurant that serves rib eye, prime rib, filet mignon, and lobster tail?

Yes. With coupons found in Laughlin, Nevada’s “Entertainer”, a tab-insert in Wednesday’s paper, in the Mohave Daily News published by News West Publishing in Bullhead City, Arizona, for this writer, this is possible. The Colorado River does not separate as much as join the two communities to allow casino gambling, entertainment, and top-cabin dining in to the social climate of two states and two main demographic groups; retired couples and local families.

The Saltgrass Steak House offers certified Angus Beef steaks, chicken and seafood. Open Monday through Saturday for dinner, and Sunday for brunch and dinner, the Golden Nugget Casino and Hotel, in both Laughlin and Las Vegas, Nevada offer coupon discounts for tourists, travelers, and locals.

“tripadvisor.com” calls the experience at Saltgrass Steak House in Laughlin, Nevada, ” . . . The steaks are mouthwatering. The bread rolls are delicious, all the sides are superb. It’s always crowded because it is so good. This is the best place to eat in Laughlin.” Jon L. Gateley, Retired Army, Bullhead City, Arizona.

“Texas to the Bone,” this company was started in the late 1800’s. Longhorn cattle in Texas were popular to be raised and bought for product in the north of the state, but to allow them to graze, they were herded south to the Gulf Coast to feed on salt grass, the southcoast vegetation that was standing unused because of its salt content. This has resulted in Angus beef with more taste and texture than the competition. Saltgrass owners were so confident about their product, they produced and published this pledge: “Our pledge is simple: Honor the old legends while making a little history of our own.”

Saltgrass became the name of the trail to the gulf vegetation; the trail became the first sight for the first Saltgrass Steak House ever, still operating; it was revived by four rodeo cowboys in 1952 when the name was finally trademarked and registered as a patent title.

Texas-to-the-Bone Salt Grass restaurants are located in Texas (Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, San Antonio, and San Marcos); Louisiana; Colorado; Oklahoma; and Nevada.

Currently there are 42 locations in these states mentioned above. Coupons can be found in various publications, in the abovementioned “Entertainrt” tab advertiser of Laughlin, Nevada, and at the following online links:


Specialties of the steak house are of course Angus beef steaks, cuts including Porterhouse, Ranch T-Bone, New York, and Sirloin; Rib Eye and Filet Mignon are for the more refined palates, but are still affordable for most budgests, and certainly worth a special night’s indulgence. Seafood includes scallops, salmon, halibut, and of course, King of Kings, crablegs and lobster, both singular and in combination. Chicken choices range from breasts, wings, to half-fryers in a delicate herb rotisserie coating. For the kids, there are fried chicken and hamburger choices. Lunches serve salads and sandwiches with almost all of the above as options for toppings and fillings. Side orders incude mashed, fried, and baked potatoes, family-style, table-side salad, cheese and garlic bread, and steamed vegetables of a mixed, tasty variety. Desserts include Ice Cream Brownie Sundae, Chocolate 6-Layer Cake, and Cheese Cake Decadence!

There is absolutely something for everyone in this organizatoin for you to try, and try again. The consistent quality is what has kept Saltgrass Steak house in business for over 50 years. Find the coupons in the links or publications above, and experience history and modern atmosphere at Saltgrass Steak House today. The time is now to find quality with a discount, for you and your family.