Ruths Chris Logo.In February of 1927, Ruth Ann Udstad was born in New Orleans. Oddly enough, she was born the same day that Chris Matulich opened Chris Steak House. Ruth Ann grew up, got married, got a degree in Chemistry and Physics and even became the first woman horse trainer in Louisiana. When divorce and financial straits hit, Ruth bets it all in 1965 on a for sale steak house. The steak house survived a hurricane only to be moved out by a kitchen fire in 1976. Instead of giving in, Ruth renames the restaurant to Ruth’s Chris Steak House. In 1976, Ruth’s Chris Steak House opens its first franchise. These franchises were so successful that there are now over 120 locations around the United States and several other countries around the world. The hugely successful enterprise is now owned by Madison Dearborn, a private equity investment firm. In 2005 the restaurant celebrated 40 years of business and went public.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House is now known as a fine dining restaurant and is one of the largest steak franchises in the United States. The steak house also won the 2006-2007 Golden Icon Awards for the Best Steak House Chain. The steaks are USDA prime steaks, mostly seared at very high heat and served with butter. There are also great desserts and side dishes such as a sweet potato casserole and creamed spinach. The portions are large and filling and worth the prices you pay for them both in size and in taste. Along with the dining room is a well respected bar area.

On the Ruth Chris website you can buy gift cards and for every gift card of $250 or more, you get 10% back in bonus cards. You can also sign up to be a member on the Ruth’s Chris site and receive special member’s only deals. Visit to find coupons for a 3 course meal for $39.95 at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.

As a fine dining restaurant, it is difficult to find coupons for the restaurant, but searching eBay can be one way to find coupons. Possibly the best way to get specials and deals for the steakhouse is to go to the Ruth’s Chris Steak House website and look around or sign up as a member. The steakhouse often runs its own specials, and is worth looking out for. Also, the franchise locations often have their own websites and may have their own specials running, so look to those for discounts.