Royal Canin premium cat and dog foods are recommended by discerning veterinarians. The brand’s delicious, healthful recipes help keep pets happy and healthy. Pet owners report that with Royal Canin, many common pet health problems cease and animal companions become more vital. This is because age-specific and breed-specific formulations help pets avoid problems such as urinary tract infections, itchy skin, matted fur, and diabetes.

Unlike other pet foods, Royal Canin products put whole meats – not corn or animal byproducts – at the top of their recipe lists. These are preserved with natural ingredients. Customers can choose from wet food, dry food, and morsels mixed with gravy.

Company Background

A veterinary surgeon founded the Royal Canin pet food factory in the small French village of Gard in 1967. The company was originally devoted exclusively to developing foods for large-breed dogs. Royal Canin built upon this innovative first step by developing the first commercial cat food for a specific breed (the Persian) and the first nutritional program for indoor cats.

Royal Canin has always developed its products in response to thorough scientific research. Foods are developed after scientists carry out extensive observations of a breed, consult with professional breeders, and check with the company’s resident cats and dogs for flavor approval. Potential new products are also tested in the field with breeders before they reach store shelves. Manufacturing meets stringent guidelines set by the International Organization for Standardization.

The Royal Canin company, which is now headquartered in Aimargues, France, was puchased by Mars Corporation in 2002. However, Royal Canin retains its traditional manufacturing practices and its pet food remains ISO certified.

As of 2009, Royal Canin was producing pet food in eight locations on five continents. Two additional plants were under construction in Canada and Poland.

Royal Canin Products

Royal Canin pet food includes options for cats and dogs of various breeds, ages, and weights as well as for pets with particular symptoms. Product lines for cats and dogs include those for young animals, adults, and seniors. For dogs, breed size is also considered. Some Royal Canin products take a specific health issue, such as joint care, into account.

A guided search tool at the Royal Canin website,, can help pet owners identify the proper food by answering nutritional profile questions about their pets. For instance, the owner of an older cat would get food recommendations for indoor mature cats, outdoor mature cats, and mature cats with sensitive teeth. The company’s Healthy Aging line pays special attention to older cats’ naturally decreasing muscle mass, sensitive gums, and aging cells, so their food includes extra protein, a softer kibble, and powerful antioxidants. Since older cats may have less sensitive senses of taste and smell, the Healthy Aging line also features naturally enhanced flavors.

Royal Canin Deals, Promotional Discounts & Coupon Codes

Royal Canin coupons have been published in Cat Fancy and other magazines for cat and dog enthusiasts. Coupons have also been offered by PETCO and other major pet food retailers.

Special discounts are made available to members of the Royal Canin Crown Partners clubs. These clubs are for cattery owners and kennel owners seeking information about healthy breeding. Members receive free growth kits for their customers, and these include free bags of Royal Canin food for newborn cats, older kittens, and puppies.

The Royal Canin Feline Breeders Rewards Club provides a free bag of cat food for every seven bags purchased in a store. Specials are also extended to breeders who choose a home delivery option. The Canine Breeders Rewards Club provides one free bag of dog food per every eight or nine purchased, depending on the bag size.