Round Table Pizza Logo.Beginning in 1959 as a single restaurant on a shoestring budget, Round Table Pizza has come a long way to become what they now say is “the last honest pizza.” Although now headquartered in Concord, California, Round Table Pizza was founded in a town called Menlo Park, California. From 1962 when Round Table Pizza first began franchising, Round Table Pizza has expanded to over 500 locations.

Founded on a desire for a family friendly and community atmosphere, Round Table Pizza never lost its respect for family mealtime, nor has it lost its dedication to create the best pizzas around. Their dough is made from scratch and only the finest ingredients and toppings are added. After creating over 30 menu items, Round Table Pizza still pursues the best ideals of the food industry. The outstanding success of Round Table Pizza is a testimonial to the exacting standards, high quality food, and stellar customer service that has become synonymous with the Round Table Pizza brand of restaurant.

The Round Table Theme of King Arthur and his court eating pizza developed in the early 1960s with the three shields added in the 1970s representing the three letters, F-U-N.

Although Round Table Pizza prides itself for making consistently superior pizza, it has also evolved to meet the growing and changing demands of the community. As Round Table Pizza continues to evolve, it has added new items such as gourmet sandwiches

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