Rainforest Cafe Company History

The Rainforest Cafe is a unique specialty restaurant that offers diners the opportunity to enjoy a innovative dishes in an environment that is a recreation of a tropical rainforest. In addition to lush tropical plants located throughout the restaurant, guests are entertained by a wide range of jungle noises than emanate fro the dense forest canopy throughout their meal, such as bird calls and heavy showers. Unlike most similar themed restaurants, the Rainforest Cafe is dedicated to having a positive impact on the environment with a portion of their profits going to support efforts to conserve the world’s tropical rainforests.

The first Rainforest Cafe opened its doors to the public in 1994 at the famous Mall of America located in Bloomington, Ohio. This location continues to be one of the best known Rainforest Cafe locations, but the most famous Rainforest Restaurant is located in the Animal Kingdom section of the Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Rainforest Cafe is owned by Landry’s Restaurants, an American based corporation with corporate headquarters in Houston, Texas that also owns the Gold Nugget casino, the Denver Downtown Aquarium and over two dozen other restaurant chains.

At the heart of the Rainforest Cafe experience is the idea of combining a high quality restaurant meal with a simulated tour of a tropical rainforest. Guests are greeted as they enter the restaurant by hostesses that are called Tour Guides and served by waiters that are addressed as Safari Guides, while the bartender of the restaurant is called a Navigator and cooks are known as the restaurant’s Trailblazers. Every thirty minutes, a simulated thunderstorm occurs in the restaurant, complete with roaring thunder, flashing lights and even a light mist of water throughout the entire facility. In the gift shop, there is robotic talking tree called Tracy that interacts with kids as she teaches them interesting facts about the rainforests of the world. Another classic feature of the Rainforest Cafe is the Volcano sundae, a flowing dessert of toppings to which the entire staff yells “Volcano!” whenever it is ordered.

Rainforest Cafe Promotional Discounts, Deals & Coupon Codes

While Rainforest Cafe coupons can be a little bit hard to come by, there are some great ways to save money on your next visit a Rainforest Cafe restaurant if you know where to look. One of the best ways to lower your bill at the Rainforest Cafe is by participating in their rewards program. The Rainforest Cafe’s rewards program is known as the Safari Club, and customers can sign of up for this program by filling out a form at the restaurant. You can also request a Safari Club membership card on the restaurant’s website, and the company will send you your card in the mail within one to two weeks.

The advantages of becoming a member of the Rainforest Cafe Safari Club are pretty substantial, even if you only dine the restaurant on rare occasions. For example, you will immediately save $10 off of the first meal that you order with your Safari Club membership card, regardless of the size of your finally bill. Whenever you have a meal at the Rainforest Cafe with a group of three guests or more, your Safari Club will automatically save you 10% off of all of the entrees that your party orders. The Safari Club membership card can also be used to save 10% off of any purchase in the restaurant’s gift shop, and the card will even get you priority seating at the restaurant any night of the week so long as your party consists of six guests or less. So long as you give the Rainforest Cafe your correct contact information, the Safari Club will also give a subscription to the Rainforest Cafe newsletter. This is definitely worth doing if you plan on dining at the Rainforest Cafe on a regular basis, as their newsletter frequently contains exclusive offers and Rainforest Cafe coupons for Safari Club members.

Although the Rainforest Cafe does not offer any printable coupons on their website, there are a few ways to find Rainforest Cafe coupons for restaurants in certain areas. For example, the Rainforest Cafe located in the Mall of America offers some coupons on meals through the welcome center of the mall itself. These coupons can be found at the information desks located throughout the mall as well the mall’s website. Similarly, there are Rainforest Cafe coupons available for diners who eat at the deluxe Rainforest Cafe restaurant located in Disneyworld. In order to find Rainforest Cafe coupons for this location, simply consult travel websites like Oceanspray.com.The two most common types of deals that you can find through these sources include Rainforest Cafe coupons for $10 off of a bill of $25 or more and offers for a Volcano sundae for free when you order a qualifying meal.