Qdoba Logo.Qdoba is an amazing artisanal Mexican kitchen that is present from coast to coast and has a total of 480 locations. It all started in 1995 when Anthony Miller and Robert Hauser copied the ever so popular San Francisco style burrito and brought it to Denver Colorado. Qdoba brought about immediate results and people loved it; the biggest selling point was the original Mexican flavor and the fact that they used the freshest ingredients.

One thing that sets Qdoba apart from other fast food Mexican restaurants is the fact that the food is prepared on an assembly line right before your eyes. You get to see each stage of the process to make your food and have a say in each of these stages. Being able to watch the process makes most feel like they are apart of the preparation of their food. Also, customers get to see all ingredients to ensure freshness before accepting the final product. Additionally, the open grill style of the kitchen adds a level of warmth and ambiance to the restaurant leaving customers comfortable and feeling well just as they would in their own homes.

Although there are many selections on the menu, Qdoba is best known for their handmade chips, fresh hand-mashed guacamole, hand-shredded beef, and slow-roasted and pulled pork. Qdoba also has a few Signature flavored items such as:

  • Queso Burrito – a creamy and delicious three cheese mixture that includes roasted poblanos, jalapenos, and tomatoes
  • Ancho Chile Barbeque Burrito – A mixture of sweet barbeque sauce and chiles that includes smoky mesquite and hickory
  • Fajita Ranchera Burrito – Bell peppers and fire-grilled red onions atop a tangy ranchera sauce
  • Grilled Veggie Burrito – Freshly grilled zucchini, red peppers, and yellow squash all sauteed together in a garlic herb seasoning
  • Poblano Pesto Burrito – Roasted poblano peppers cilantro, jalapenos, pine nuts, and almonds
  • Mexican Gumbo – A dish that includes: beans, rice, tortilla soup, sour cream, and salsa, then topped with homemade tortilla strips

Qdoba believes in using only the freshest ingredients in their food. Also, they believe in unique flavors in spices for their food. The inspiration for these unique flavors comes from areas in Mexico like Oaxaca, Yucatan, and Veracruz. These inspirations lead the chain to go to great lengths such as roasting their pork on site for 6 hours, adding poblano to their pesto, and adding ancho chile to barbeque sauce. At Qdoba, they believe that spice brings flavor and that flavor creates a stimulation of the senses making the dining experience there more than a pleasure.

Individuals interested in dining at Qdoba can find coupons in a variety of locations. For one, Qdoba offers a card, that when swiped at each meal, builds up points towards a free meal. The typical meal of about $5 will add approximately 100 points (depending on the location) and after 1,000 points are achieved, you get a free meal. You can also get coupons in newspapers and on some of the more popular online shopping couponing websites.