Purina One Logo.

The History of Purina One

The well known premium pet food brand, Purina One, is manufactured by the Nestle Corporation and is recognized throughout the world. The products first introduced as Ralston Purina in the mid-1980s are now included in the Purina Pet Care group that includes dog food, cat food and pet supplies. Pet products supplied through the Nestle Corp. are available in a variety of markets including grocery stores and supermarkets, pet stores, discount warehouse stores and specialty animal care facilities.

Nestle Corp. is one of the largest food production companies in the world with products ranging from groceries to beauty and health care. Most consumers recognize the Nestle label that appears on their famous line of chocolates. The Swiss based company originated in 1866 when founder, Henri Nestle developed milk based baby food. After merging in 1905 with the Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company, the company continued to establish and operate factories throughout Europe and the U.S. Today, this food giant continues to sell grocery items, beauty products, and pet food and their scope includes research and development ventures. Nestle products are known for superior and consistent quality and pet owners rely on the dog and cat food for maintaining good nutrition and health for their pets.

Typical Purina One Products

All of the Purina One pet food products contain meat or fish as a primary ingredient and are balanced with grains, corn, soybeans and other natural fillers. The food products are formulated based on the age of the pet starting with puppies and kittens through adult and senior animals. Vitamins and minerals are added to ensure a complete balanced meal for the pet.

Dog food: Dry food choices for dog food include a variety of flavors such as lamb, beef and chicken balanced with rice, oats or barley. Canned or wet dog food also comes in added flavors of turkey or salmon with brown rice. Purina One dog treats that tempt dogs and encourage rewards for good behavior come in flavors of lamb or turkey and are another quality product.

Cat food: Cats favor fish products and the Purina One formulas typically feature salmon, tuna and fish by-products for flavor. Available cat food products are in a dry form and contain these ingredients or may include chicken, rice or other grains.

Charity Activities Supported by Purina One

The Tour for Heroes program supported by the Purina One manufacturers involves a traveling food program to support animal shelters across the U.S. The program provides temporary food donations and assists with adoption services to help pets in need. Celebrities such as Martha Stewart support the program by adding or matching funds when donations are made.

Purina One Challenge Promotion

A special ongoing promotion from Purina One manufacturers challenges pet owners to change their animal’s diet to their products and monitor the results. They recommend gradually introducing Purina One foods until the pet is being fed entirely on the new diet. While monitoring the results, the consumer may share their stories with others, post pictures of their pets and learn about healthful tips on dog or cat care. By signing up for the newsletter, the pet owner is informed about special promotions, views new products and can receive information about pet care.

Where to Find Purina One Coupons

Many local newspapers print coupons for Purina One products particularly in the advertisement enclosures of the Sunday edition. Coupons promoted by the Nestle Corp. are redeemable at all grocery stores and supermarkets, discount stores or many pet stores. Time sensitive promotions may include a savings of $1.00 to $2.00 per bag of food or $.50 to $.75 on canned food. Weekly flyers sent through the mail often feature coupons for Purina One.

At doggiecoupon.com, coupons redeemable at Petco for Purina dog food provide savings of $10 and free shipping for orders over $50. The website also references discounts available through petfooddirect.com for example a $5.00 savings on $45 worth of food. Some of the offers have time limitations and must be redeemed in a short time frame while others are valid for the entire year.

Registering a new puppy at purina.ca/mypuppy.com will award new pet owners a free puppy kit, instructions and coupons for complimentary food products.