Synonymous with American fashion, Polo by Ralph Lauren offers mainstream individuals the opportunity to indulge in the luxury lifestyle via fashion. Originating in 1967, Ralph Lauren embarked upon his fashion adventure with a $50,000 loan and knowledge limited to that of a men’s store salesman, but his vision was endless. Lauren’s unique taste began with a line of wider than normal ties bestowing an matched vibrancy in color selections. The fashion empire quickly gained momentum in 1971 with the opening of the very first standalone store and kicking off its line for women. By 1981, Ralph Lauren had become a brand known around the world.

With the Polo line founding the company, it quickly expanded to include a Polo Sport line becoming widely available to the public in 1997. With the public access, Polo soon became a household brand and lines began to reach all audiences with accessories, furniture, fragrances, and even the RL restaurant in Chicago. In 2007, Ralph Lauren was listed as one of the largest United States retailers consuming $4.2 billion in revenues. With 10,800 locations worldwide, it is no wonder why the popularity has grown to include many Polo outlet stores housed within the Prime Outlet system with numerous locations across the country and spanning the globe. The rising popularity of the Polo brand warranted additional lines including the Black Label, which attracts the more luxurious spenders. Various upscale and mid-tier department stores sale the high-end lines, as well as the flagship stores in a few select major cities. The main and original flagship store is located in New York.

The 1980’s seem to be the foundation for this popular brand as it has been cited as the “decade of Ralph Lauren” and where the “Laurenification of America” emerged. With mass appeal to the preppy trendsetters, Polo offers the tradition and elegance combined to generate the classic American styling easily identified as the signature of Ralph Lauren.

Polo speaks volumes of Ralph Lauren’s vision, which began while selling another guy’s menswear and climaxed in the creation of an American fashion icon. The classic styling of Ralph Lauren offers men, women and children alike the appearance of a luxurious lifestyle. With the opening of the first outlet store in 1982, the Polo line is more affordable and attainable to the mainstream American.

Three classic pieces appear to be the traditional founding members of this sophisticated line of fashion including the cashmere cable knit sweater, oxford cloth button-down shirt and, of course, the classic polo shirt sporting the Polo player upon the left breast. These elements are essential to any wardrobe built upon elegance, sophistication, tradition, craftsmanship and quality.

Outlet stores provide an attractive entrance into this iconic world of American fashion that exudes luxurious and mannerly attitude around the world. Coupons can be obtained for outlet stores simply by joining a mailing list. These mailing lists can be joined be logging onto where individuals can enjoy email updates of upcoming events and special promotions to include printable coupons. This account features a wish list option, as well as faster checkout when making purchases online. These are specific discounts for the Ralph Lauren brand website and retailers. The group known as Prime Outlets showcase the Polo outlet stores. Their website,, is another way to find discounts and coupons. By joining the feature labeled “Prime My Closet,” shoppers can relish the benefits of reduced prices in his/her selected location. By pointing, clicking and selecting, Polo lovers receive great incentives through their email addresses. Such incentives include, but are not limited to, “save 30% off spring items,” “$50 off the purchase of $250,” “20% off total purchase,” and “20% off purchase of $150.” These deals combined with the already reduced outlet prices make Polo by Ralph Lauren a fashion choice that cannot be refused.