Planet Fitness Logo.Planet Fitness is a national gym, though it is not like most gyms. It has developed a reputation as something of an upscale gym experience, which helps it to attract a certain type of clientele. The company has been around for quite some time, having been founded back in 1992. At that time, Michael Grondahl purchased what was a struggling gym and changed around its business model. Instead of looking for the hardcore fitness types, he went after people who were only casually into fitness. First time gym goers and occasional visitors were the demographic and it worked for Grondahl and company.

Over time, the company grew, which happened in large part to its commitment to being a judgment free gym. It now has more than 2 million members and there are more than 200 gyms located in 31 different states. The expansion has been pronounced, and the gym certainly does better now than it did in its inception. The company is somewhat unique in that it is franchised in large part, but there are 11 gyms owned by the corporate center, as well. The gyms are most concentrated in the Northeast, but they do stretch out all over the country.

What is Planet Fitness known for? If you have Planet Fitness coupons to use, then you should know that they are known for their atmosphere first and foremost. It is a real life “Average Joe’s Gymnasium” in that no one is sitting around judging you for any reason. It is a place where people kind of go about their own business and don’t worry about what other people around them might be doing at the time. This is a cool way to get stuff done and it means that you don’t have to face the pressure associated with pushier gyms.

Additionally, people who get Planet Fitness coupons might want to use them to take advantage of some of the personal training options. Planet Fitness gyms are known to provide their customers with trainers if they need them, though this obviously costs a bit more than the general price of admission. This is a good thing for people who are just getting into working out, as a personal trainer can show them the workouts that they need to start with. If you have Planet Fitness coupons, you could get a personal trainer to start you on a plan that you will follow.

All of the locations are basically equal in the Planet Fitness world, though many of the New York gyms get a lot of attention. Since that is where the company has its power base, they do a lot of marketing – both traditional and grass roots – in the New York area. This helps Planet Fitness to attract the kinds of customers that they are looking for in the tri-state area. For people with Planet Fitness coupons, the New York locations are large and they are full of the kinds of equipment that you should be looking for.

Planet Fitness often has “seasonal” deals that you can take advantage of to get a lower price. For instance, people can lose weight for less in January, when the gym is running a deal on memberships. They know that people come to gyms in January to take care of their New Year’s resolution, so they will run a promotion at that time. Additionally, Planet Fitness coupons are often available when times are a little bit slower, as well. During the summer when they need more membership, the company will put Planet Fitness coupons on the website and advertise in health and fitness magazines.

That leads us to the big question of where to find Planet Fitness coupons. You can start online, since this will lead to the best results. Planet Fitness offers some deals on their website, and you can sign up for those. They have an email list that will often times send out Planet Fitness coupons. If you are seriously looking to save money and find a great gym, then you’ll want to be on this list. As mentioned earlier, you should check the pages of health and fitness magazines, as they are known to carry coupons, too.