Pizza Hut Logo.Pizza Hut is known for being America’s first pizza chain. The restaurant’s menu has expanded over the years to include various appetizers and a line of signature pasta dishes that has rivaled gourmet restaurants in taste and quality. With the option of dining in, carrying out, or having your meal delivered to you, Pizza Hut meals can be enjoyed anywhere. The meals can be even more enjoyable when you receive coupons for savings on Pizza Hut items.

Pizza Hut is an establishment that is over 50 years old. It was first created by two college-aged brothers who borrowed $600 from their mother to open the first restaurant in Wichita, Kansas in May of 1958. Known for its trademark red roof, the restaurant has expanded through over 6,500 franchises across the globe. In addition to placing an order by phone, Pizza Hut has included the options of placing your order online on their website or by text message on your cell phone.

In addition to its famous pan, stuffed crust, and thin crust pizzas, Pizza Hut also offers appetizers such as various styles of breadsticks and chicken wings. The newest addition to the menu is the line of Tuscani Pastas, which have become recognizable as the pastas featured in the latest Pizza Hut commercials. In the ads, diners at an upscale restaurant are each served one of Pizza Hut’s signature pasta dishes, thinking it came from the gourmet restaurant. When they are told the meal is actually from Pizza Hut, the diners are amazed and pleased at the taste and quality of the dishes. With choices like Lasagna, Chicken Alfredo, Bacon Macaroni and Cheese, and Meaty Marinara, these dishes have quickly become a favorite of Pizza Hut patrons.

There are a few different ways to receive coupons and information on Pizza Hut’s latest promotional deals. While Pizza Hut does offer coupons in the advertisement circulars that accompany the Sunday editions of your local newspaper, an easier and more personalized way to find great ways to save is by visiting the restaurant’s website, The website has a section specifically for printable coupons and information on the latest deals and promotions. The website tailors the coupons to the area where you are living by asking for your postal zip code and providing a list of locations and current promotions. Registering with your email on the site also provides you with coupons, promotions and the latest news from Pizza Hut. Allowing text messages on your cell phone from Pizza Hut also alerts you of the newest ways to save.

Some of the recent promotions for Pizza Hut have included their “$10 Pizza Days”, a promotion that allows any pizza to be ordered for ten dollars, regardless of size, style, and toppings. Another offer includes 3 or more one-topping Pizza Mia pizzas for five dollars each. Another great way to save is by placing your order online. The first online order a guest places online is eligible to receive 20% off of the order.