Pfizer Logo.Pfizer Incorporated, based in New York City, is the world’s largest research-based pharmaceutical company, and is rated number one in pharmaceutical sales worldwide. They develop, manufacture, and sell medications for humans and animals.

Pfizer is proud to note in their homepage that the company has had only twelve chief executives in their over one hundred fifty year history. Cousins Charles Pfizer and Charles Erhart started the business in 1849. The current CEO is Jeff Kindler, a former McDonald’s executive.

Pfizer coupons are not that easy to locate on line, and some sites purporting to have coupons for various Pfizer products are really companies trying to sell consumers “managed care” in regard to pharmaceutical companies’ patient assistance programs. Most of these “managed care” schemes purport to be “non-profit”. It is totally unclear who pays for their “assistance”.

The assistance they are trying to sell comprises of helping fill out patient assistance applications and reminders when it is time to renew those applications. This service is completely unnecessary, as the physician has assistants who will perform the same service, or if the physician works for a clinic, there is more than likely people whose sole work it is to deal with the various patient assistance programs. A good piece of advice for those looking for discount coupons, before filling in a lot of personal information on one of these sites, is to read the site thoroughly to understand exactly what they are offering.

There are Pfizer coupons already available at a physician’s office. They are brought in by Pfizer company representatives, whose job it is to visit the doctors, speak with them about new and existing medicines, and to leave off medication samples and coupons. When a physician prescribes a new Pfizer medication, asking his assistant about available coupons, and other patient assistance, is the quickest and easiest way to access this kind of help.

Pfizer medication coupons available at a doctor’s office include Celebrex and Caduet. Celebrex, an arthritis drug, has a coupon for seven free pills. Caduet, a high blood pressure/high cholesterol medication that is a combination of Norvasc and Lipitor, has a coupon good for $20.00 off each prescription for twelve months.

That being said, it is not impossible to find certain coupons, or information about coupons, on line. The Pfizer homepage itself has a printable coupon for Relpax, a medication used for migraine relief. The coupon is for $15.00 off for a prescription, and each refill thereafter.

There are printable coupons spread over the Internet that appear to be legitimate, but the proof will be in their acceptance at the pharmacy.

Viagra, one of Pfizer’s most popular medicines for erectile dysfunction, does not offer coupons any more.

An offer of a “printout page and bring to pharmacist” for Chantix, a medication to aid in quitting smoking, is available. The large print says “$30.00” off, but is really “$10.00 off three prescriptions”. This offer is good for cash only or insurance customers.

A “Free thirty day trial Lipitor co-pay card” claims to save $180.00 a year “on rebate”. Lipitor is a cholesterol lowering drug.

A Canadian website offers a $10.00 off printable coupon for Aricept, an Alzheimer anti-dementia drug.

Zoloft is a drug that treats depression, anxiety, and PMDD. There is a “Save up to 75% at selected stores” printable coupon.

Lyrica treats fibromyalgia, nerve pain with diabetes, and nerve pain after shingles. A printable coupon offers to reduce copay, but doesn’t give a dollar amount.

Pfizer also makes over the counter products, such as Purell hand sanitizer, Listerine mouthwash, Lubriderm moisturizer, and Zantac acid reducer. These coupons are much more plentiful on the Internet. At several coupon sites people posted that they wrote a letter to Pfizer telling them how much they loved a certain product, and Pfizer answered back with nice letters and coupon books. This tactic is certainly worth a try.

The Pfizer Corporation has several patient assistance plans that are discussed on their website. One new patient assistance plan is geared to people who have lost their health insurance and need assistance with their existing prescription costs. When on the hunt for prescription coupons or special offers, the Pfizer homepage would be a good place to start.