PetSmart Logo.PetSmart is a pet lover’s paradise offering numerous services including: grooming, meal planning, dog training classes, vet services, babysitting, pet adoption, and an array of toys, food, treats, pet essentials, and animals. PetSmart first opened its doors to dog and cat parents in 1987. Originally named PetFood Warehouse, the first two stores were created as a small family business in Arizona.

In 1988, PetFood Warehouse began working with local charities to provide pet adoption services. In 1989, the company began to sell its first goldfish, birds, and small pets. In addition, PetFood Warehouse began offering pet primping services that included: bathing, combing, nail clipping, and more. Furthermore, the company began holding Santa photo events, which are still conducted annually. Hundreds of pets can get their picture taken with Santa in order to raise money for local animal charities.

Meanwhile, the first television commercials were aired and the name was changed from PetFood Warehouse to PetSmart. Furthermore, in 1990, the new PetSmart began to offer veterinary services such as checkups and vaccinations.

Throughout the following years, PetSmart continued to grow in size and services, offering pet training classes in all stores by 1994. In 2000, the company purchased PetsHotel Plus and began to offer day care and babysitting in a select amount of stores. By 2008, PetSmart had 100 animal hotels around the country as well as hundreds of stores. In addition, the chain started devising individual meal plans and nutritional counseling services for to help pet owners. Currently, the chain finds thousands of animals homes every year and grosses billions of dollars in sales annually.

With all of its sucess and favorable earnings, PetSmart is able to offer a wide selection of coupons and savings. The best way to obtain coupons is to join the PetPerks program. First started in 2003, this program offers pet tips and news as well as numerous coupons and in store deals available only for PetPerks loyalists. One can join by simply filling out an application online or in store. There is no fee or committment period and you will receive a card to carry in your wallet as well as a card to attach to a keychain.

Once a member, you will receive e-mail and snail mail coupons with various promotions such as: save $5.00 off your entire order, or buy 3 cans of a certain food brand and get 5 free, or save $3.00 on a select brand of pet food. In addition, these coupons are equipped with an online code for Internet purchase.

In addition to coupons, once armed with the PetPerks card you qualify for in store deals. For instance, PetSmart will have a manufacturer price tag on all items, but will also have a separate tag below it with the price for PetPerks customers. These savings are anywhere from a few cents off per can to $5.00 off per bag of food, litter, or other items. You merely give your card to the cashier to be swiped and instant savings appear without having to worry about searching or clipping coupons!

If the PetPerks program isn’t for you, there are other ways to save. Many brand name dog and cat foods sold in the stores have coupons attached to the outside or inside of the bag. These are generally $5.00 off your next purchase of the same brand of food.

Furthermore, one can find their own coupons by going online to various coupon sites. One such site is If you click on the retail section you will be brought to a list of pet stores. By clicking on PetSmart you will be guided to a list of their available coupons. These are usually similar to the coupons sent to you by the store, but some will include grooming services and other amenities in addition to food or treats.

Owning pets can be an expensive endeavor and PetSmart does offer a large variety of coupons to help lessen the burden. One of the most effective ways to save is to join the PetPerks program and use coupons. Not only will you get the in store reduced price, but you can also use the coupons sent to you as an added savings. By doing so, you can reduce a 25 pound bag of dog or cat food from $35.00 to around $20.00. Happy savings!