Peter Piper Pizza offers a great variety of pizzas, salads and entertainment options to families in the Southwestern United States who enjoy good food and a fun environment. Peter Piper Pizza has been able to do this for more than 35 years because they offer patrons a great value on buffets, pizzas and entertainment options. As a result, Peter Piper Pizza is one of the most popular pizza parlor chains in the Southwestern United States.

One way that Peter Piper Pizza promotes their products is by issuing online coupons that can save consumers as much as 15% off the regular menu price of most items. Here is a shopper’s guide to Peter Piper Pizza menu items and coupons that can help consumers find great deals on Peter Piper pizzas and promotions. The guide provides information about Peter Piper’s history that can help people learn how it became one of the nation’s most popular pizza parlor chains. It also includes information about Peter Piper’s menu items and online coupon deals that can allow people to find great deals on pizzas, buffets and entertainment options.

Company History

Peter Piper Pizza began its operations in Phoenix, Arizona in 1973. Since then, it has grown into one of the nation’s biggest regional pizza parlor chains.

Peter Piper Pizza began its life as a single parlor in Glendale, Arizona when colorful New York native Tony Cavolo hit upon the idea of marketing delicious pizza pies to families with young children. To do this Cavolo combined delicious pizza and fun games such as skeet ball to create a fun environment for families to hang out. This idea worked out so well that Cavolo was able to expand his concept by creating restaurants that combined a pizza parlor with a video arcade.

By the mid 1980s, Cavolo was able to open over 100 Peter Piper locations in Arizona, New Mexico and west Texas. These locations combined buffet style menu options, single-order pizzas and gaming options to create family-style entertainment centers that caught on with families who wanted new family-style dining options.

By the early 1990s, Cavalo retired and sold his interest in Peter Piper Pizza to an Arizona-based investment company named the Venture West Group. This company expanded Peter Piper’s market share by purchasing New Mexico based Pistol Pete’s Pizza in 1995. This acquisition helped Peter Piper grow into the largest pizza parlor chain in the Southwestern United States.

These days, Peter Piper continues to deliver great pizza and a fun experience for families in the Southwestern United States. This is true because Peter Piper Pizza now includes state-of-the-art arcade video games, new prize options and an expanded menu. As a result, Peter Piper Pizza will continue to give families a great value that goes beyond good food.

Peter Piper Pizza has a wide variety of menu and gaming options available to consumers. Here’s a look at some of the most popular menu and gaming option available at Peter Piper Pizza locations: Peter Piper sells a “Build Your Own” pie that lets people create a pizza using several fresh ingredients such as pepperoni, sausage, black olives, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and more.

Peter Piper features several specialty pizzas:

  • The Chicago Classic™
  • The Werx™
  • The New York Three-Chesse Blend with Pepperoni™ pizza
  • The Five Meat Supreme™
  • The Smokehouse™

Peter Piper sells these pizzas in diameters that range from 12″-16″. In addition, Peter Piper Pizza offers side items such as chicken wings, garlic cheese bread and fried zucchini. These items add to the fun of eating at Peter Piper Pizza because they are served in baskets that are meant to be passed around and shared.

Peter Piper also features a lunchtime buffet that offers freshly baked pizza, salads and dessert items. This buffet is one of the most popular menu items because it allows people to eat as much as they want to at one low price.

Peter Piper also offers token deals that give children access to over 60 fun arcade-style games These tokens are sold in lots of 20, 40 or 100 apiece and they allow children to play a wide variety of arcade and amusement park-style games cheaply.

Peter Piper Pizza Deals, Discounts & Promotional Coupon Codes

Peter Piper offers coupons for these menu and gaming options online and through several advertising campaigns. Here are some of the ways that Peter Piper offers coupons online to consumers for their menu items and their gaming options:

One of the most popular ways that Peter Piper Pizza offers coupons to consumers is through their online coupon website. It’s located at This website features an easy-to-use printout feature that makes it easy to print coupons for Peter Piper Pizza products and promotions. It’s easy to use because there’s no need to sign up for e-clubs or e-mail mailing campaigns to receive the coupons. As a result, consumers who enjoy eating at Peter Piper Pizza should first look online for coupons at this website.

If you do, you will find coupons such as a coupon good for $1.00 off any large or extra large pizza. Other coupons have included a coupon good for a buy-one-get-one offer that lets people purchase a medium one-topping pizza for $5.00 with the purchase of any specialty pizza.

Another place to look for Peter Piper coupons online is on their Facebook page. It’s located at If you do this, you can find great local coupon deals on Peter Piper Pizza products and promotions by becoming a fan of Peter’s. Recent examples of coupons found on Facebook have included coupons good for a one-topping medium pizza for $6.50 and a coupon good for two specialty pizzas for $20.00.