Pepcid Backgound Information

Pepcid is a medication used for the prevention and treatment of ulcers in the stomach and intestines. Pepcid treats certain gastrointestinal conditions by reducing the amount of acid produced in the stomach. It is also a treatment for a condition known as GERD or gastroesophogeal reflux disease, sometimes called acid reflux. Pepcid is also prescribed to prevent occasional heartburn. The generic name for Pepcid is famotidine. Perons who are allergic to famotidine should refrain from taking Pepcid.

Pepcid deals & coupons

Users of Pepcid can get some relief from the cost of the drug by taking advantage of coupons. Pepcid coupons can be found in the coupon pages of many Sunday papers and in special inserts that come with daily newspapers. Coupons may also be delivered by mail. Sometimes Pepcid coupons are included in bundles of coupons that are delivered by mail to every household in an area. Other households may receive them as a result of participating in grocery or drug store discount shopping card programs. Usually these programs send coupons based on the card holders previous purchases, so if Pepcid was one of those previous purchases a Pepcid coupon might follow.

In-store coupons

Retail stores often provide Pepcid coupons as part of their in store marketing activities. Coupons might be handed out with a sample, or made available through and automatic dispenser located near the shelf where Pepcid is displayed. Shoppers should also pay attention to the backs of cash register receipts or extra receipts given when purchasing groceries. These receipts often contain discounts for various items including Pepcid coupons. Coupons given away by stores may have some restrictions such as not being subject to double or triple coupon days.

Online coupon websites

The internet is loaded with websites where Pepcid coupons might be found. Most of these websites require the coupon seeker to enter some personal or demographic information in exchange for a link where a coupon may

be printed immediately or downloaded. These websites are so numerous that it is possible to have a coupon to use each time Pepcid is purchased. Other sites worth checking out include grocery store websites that run their own promotions on products like pepcid. has a link to pepcid coupons, and like similar coupon websites, it links back to the pepcid website. The Pepcid website offers coupons for as much as $3.00 off per purchase. Currently, the Pepcid website at offers this discount.

Other sources for promotional Pepcid deals & discounts

Pepcid coupons are also available on the packaging for the product, so Pepcid users should inspect packages before discarding. Coupons may also be found in magazines that promote health and health products.

Coupon exchange bins are good places for finding Pepcid coupons. These bins are often found in public places like grocery stores, community centers, and library. Coupons are placed in the bins by people who may not have need for a specific product but want to share their coupons with others who can use them.

Contact company directly for coupon codes

Another option for getting Pepcid coupons is to contact the company directly. If there are upcoming special promotions a company representative can provide that information. They would probably add interested coupon seekers to a mailing list to receive coupons and special offers directly. Some companies also offer exclusive discounts on Twitter and Facebook.

Coupons may be good for a limited time

Pepcid coupons and others should be used as quickly as possible because the expiration date can roll around pretty quickly. Keeping coupons organized is a way to make sure they don’t expire or are not overlooked. This is important, because coupons can add up to big savings during tough economic times.