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The History of Oil of Olay

Graham Wulff is the man whose understanding of science enabled him to discover the Oil of Olay formula that so many women depend on to keep their skin looking healthy, young, and beautiful. He didn’t do it alone. His wife Dinah is described as his “muse.” She was able to communicate to Wulff what women want in a beauty cream. Fifty years ago women’s beauty products were so soft and luxurious. Creams were often heavy and greasy, with foul odors that made them unpleasant to use. The Wulff team set out to change all that and 50 years later, women can attest that Dinah and Graham Wulff succeeded in their quest.

Graham’s goal was to create a “beauty fluid” with a pleasant fragrance, delicate shade, texture, and absorption, that would make skin look younger and more beautiful. His scientific mind made him test and retest his formulas until he had just the right fragrance and trademark slight pink shade of Oil of Olay that we know today. A new kind of beauty cream was created and every beauty cream for the next 50 years would have to compete to match its effectiveness and luxurious feel. As many women will tell you, it just feels good to apply Oil of Olay. It makes skin feel as good as it looks.

The Oil of Olay formula has impressed women for 50 years and each new generation benefits from new variations of the original formula. Today there are moisturizers, anti-aging creams, spa treatments, and dozens of other Olay products that do justice to Grahm’s original vision. The “oil of” no longer exists in Olay. The formula has changed slightly from the original. It is lighter, with no grease. The new Olay is something that Graham would be proud of. He believed that science is the way to make great products even greater over time, and the Olay formula is forever being perfected.

Oil of Olay Promotional Discounts & Coupon Codes

Here’s a rule: There is an Oil of Olay coupon for any Oil of Olay product on Earth. There might be thousands of those coupons for just one product. The company that distributes Olay wants you to save. It’s a luxury product with a middle of the line price tag because the people who make it know that it’s an important part of an everyday beauty regime that most women desire to afford. Olay makes that possible by offering savings just around every click of a link on their official website.

The savings begin with recurring rebate forms they offer. An example of this savings: Spend $50 on Olay products. Get $20 back. $20 is a hefty amount of savings for a product this good. It should catch the attention of any woman who uses Olay as part of her daily beauty routine.

Olay is one of those products that require testing, so you can expect to find free samples on their website. They need feedback when they introduce a new product and they often offer a full money-back rebate with purchase. When a full money-back rebate isn’t offered, significant savings are scattered around every page of the website. $20 rebates on products aren’t uncommon. When buying Olay kits, such as the Regenerist Starter Trio, $28 coupons are the norm. Olay doesn’t only offer a few coupons. Their offers page contains over a dozen coupons that can help women save on every Olay product available.

If that isn’t enough savings for you, Club Olay has the savings you need. When you join Club Olay, you receive exclusive information about upcoming Olay products, coupons in your inbox, and free sample alerts that only members of Club Olay have access to every month. The emails come only twice a month and contain many Olay coupons that faithful users won’t want to miss out on.

If only coupons aren’t your thing, most stores that carry the Olay line of products will feature coupons in their sales paper. An occasional Olay coupon may surface in a newspaper or magazine. It’s more likely to find Olay coupons in a magazine, but don’t leave out the newspaper. You might miss out.

There are Olay coupons featured on online coupon sites, but it’s always best to get offers directly from the official Olay site or from local sales papers, magazines, or newspapers. The offers will be more up to date and accurate. They’ll also be more significant. The Olay site itself offers hundreds of dollars in savings on every product available, along with an interesting club to join, so bargain hunters should start there and most often end there.

Olay is one of the oldest beauty products on the market and millions of women have enjoyed its virtues. It feels great on the skin and actually keeps skin looking beautiful. Throw in the hundreds of dollars in savings and you’ve got a winning combination.