This eight week weight loss program offers free nutrition classes. I attended my first class this past Tuesday. The room was packed. The program is called Lifesteps.

The first class was basicly an overview of what we will be covering for the next 8 weeks presented by a registered dietian. Our final weigh-in will be April 10th. We will be learning how to read food labels properly, portion control, and proper food choices. She also stressed the importance of exercise whether one is just starting to workout or an avid runner/walker.

We went over The Big Picture of Lifesteps Weight Management. She presented a balanced scale.

1. What you eat……………………….1. Metabolism
2. How much you eat……………….2. Physical Activity
3. How often you eat
4. How you eat
5. Why you eat

She explained all the elements of the Big Picture affect our weight. Lifesteps will help us identify areas of the Big Picture which most affect our weight. Lifesteps will also help us develop a plan to bring our own weight equation into balance.

These are the questions she had us all answer privately:
1. Are you here because you want to lose weight?
2. Are you ready to make a life-long commitment to healthy, moderate eating
habits and regular physical activity?
3. Are you willing to take the weight off slowly?
4. Are you trying to become a slimmer version of yourself?
5. Are you willing to evaluate your attitudes about food, exercise, and weight?
6. Do you have a network of family and friends who will support your efforts to
make lifestyle changes?
7. Will your current circumstances allow you to make behavior change a high
priority in your life?
8. Are you willing to keep a record of your food intake and physical activity?
9. Are you eady to target a goal weight that is realistic and healthy for you?

If you answered YES to all the questions, you are ready to make a commitment to losing weight. And the Lifesteps program may be just what you are looking for to succeed.

The official scale weight scale is in the room this class was given. I decided to way myself after class. I was down 3 pounds from my official starting weight. I left the room feeling pretty pumped up.

This time I’m going to KEEP the weight off once I get down to my ideal weight.