Mrs. Smith LogoMrs. Smith’s pies, often a staple of seasonal meal time celebrations, is the top dessert brand seller during the holiday seasons. With their apple pies topping out the most sold during the year while pumpkin beating out the apple during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays specifically, the Mrs. Smith’s brand of ready-made desserts has long been the leader in retail sales of such after meal treats.

Founded by Pottstown, Pa. homemaker Amanda Smith in the early 1920’s, the Mrs. Smith’s brand of frozen desserts has grown from small samples sold at the local Pottstown YMCA to a multi-billion dollar corporation and carries the distinction of being the world leader in frozen convenience foods. Purchased by the Schwan’s food delivery company in 2003, the Mrs. Smith’s brand remains a staple on the tables and plates of family meal time events all over the world today.

Initially founded with tempting fruit filled pies such as peach, apple and cherry, Mrs. Smith’s frozen foods quickly realized its popularity and expanded to include custard pies such as coconut. With its classic styles still a popular fixture featuring apple, cherry, Dutch apple, mince, peach, spiced pumpkin, sweet potato, coconut custard and blueberry, Mrs. Smith’s also offers consumers deep dish varieties of the same fruit flavors with sweetened crumb toppings added. Classic cobbler styles, with fruits filled in a tin pan and crusts added only on top; apple, blackberry, cherry crumb and peach are popular favorites.

Removing the often time consuming details involved in slicing and seasoning the fruit, mixing and rolling dough and precisely designating baking times, the Mrs. Smith’s company succeeds in making the laborious task of creating a simple and tasty dessert into a convenient treat any time of day.

While all Mrs. Smith’s pies and frozen desserts are offered mostly year round, some stores choose to stock certain flavors and types as “seasonal” products at certain times of the year. Flavors like Spiced Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Mince are often stocked and sold during the holiday seasons during Christmas and Thanksgiving and stocked less during the off-season market in some stores.

Along with their varied desserts, Mrs. Smith’s also offers pie shells both in deep dish and regular sizes. Found in the frozen food section of most grocery stores, Mrs. Smith’s pies and pie shells are available for those who wish a more made-from-scratch feel to their desserts. Choosing any number of fillings and personalizing each pie shell to a specific taste offers consumers yet another way to enjoy the many conveniences offered by Mrs. Smith’s frozen products.

Coupons are offered through the local grocery markets and can be specifically found, when available, at, and in both printable coupons as well as in their local flyers. As stated on their website, Mrs. Smith’s offers product coupons included in local papers and periodicals. Other coupons and coupon codes can also be located and printed from Many coupons represent a savings of between 1 and 2 dollars per item.