Meow Mix Logo.

The History of Meow Mix

Today, Meow Mix is part of the Del Monte family of products. It reaches millions of household cats around the world, delivering the time-tested original Meow Mix combination of turkey, fish, salmon, and chicken. Their popular slogan “Tastes so good, cats ask for it by name,” is hard to deny. Cats do say meow a lot. They say it so much that Meow Mix introduced the Meow Mix jingle in 1970. It was written by Shelly Palmer and usually went a little something like “I want tuna, I want chicken, meow mix flavor keeps me lickin’.” During commercials, a cat meowed out the jingle while subtitles flashed at the bottom of the screen. There were many variations on the lyrics, but all of them can be translated as “Give me Meow Mix Please.”

Meow Mix was produced by a variety of companies over the years, but since 2006, Del Monte has distributed the popular brand of cat food. Their newest commercials, titled “Meow-nipulation,” are a series of cute spots that show just how meow-nipulating cats can be when they want something. Over the years, Meow Mix commercials have been popular with the general public and the brand is extremely beloved by the cats who keep it in business. We can all look forward to many more Meow Mix commercials in the years ahead.

The Famous Mix

Meow Mix is known for its two forms: Wet and dry. The original blend of Meow Mix was a dry blend. Over the years, they’ve expanded their varieties of both wet and dry cat food to include some truly unique flavor combinations that give cats a choice about their daily main course.

There are five flavors of dry food: Original choice, seafood medley, hairball control formula, indoor formula, and kitten li’l nibbles. They’re most famous for their original formula, which blends a boatload of meats together into one distinct cat food that cats have loved for years.

Their wet cat food choices are just as diverse: Real tuna & whole shrimp, real salmon & crab, real chicken & beef, and real turkey & giblets. The common word in all of those is real. Meow Mix prides itself on offering real chunks of meat that can be recognized for what they are. There’s no ground up miscellaneous food in there.

Their treats are less diverse. They offer “Go fish” and “Ocean Explosion.” If you haven’t noticed already, the Meow Mix premise is a winning one: Cats love seafood. With an assumption like that, it’s no surprise that they win over the hearts of millions of kittens and cats a year.

Meow Mix Coupon Codes

Cats love it when you’re generous with Meow Mix and Meow Mix knows this. That’s why they’re very generous with their offers. They have a nifty program called “Meow Mail” that you can sign up for right from their website. After signup, you’ll begin receiving special offers and promotions that are available only to the distinguished members of Meow Mail. If you have a cat and it loves Meow Mix, Meow Mail is an excellent way to save money while giving your cat enough Meow Mix to ensure its perpetual happiness. The happier your cat is, the happier everyone in the household will be.

Meow Mix usually leaves offers in its Market Select value packs. If your cat is a big fan of the Meow Mix wet food, buy variety packs whenever possible. You’ll get Meow Mix coupons for dry food, wet food, and treats.

There are other outlets that can net you a few Meow Mix coupons. Grocery stores often pass out sales papers as soon as you step through their door. Meow Mix is one of those brands that will often be featured in their sales paper. Local newspapers sometimes offer Meow Mix coupons to customers. The key is to constantly be on the lookout for those offers and never throw away a bag or box of Meow Mix without scanning the inside for potential savings. It is rare for Meow Mix to miss an opportunity to help you save on your next purchase. They love your business as much as your cat loves seafood. It’s a good deal for all of you.