The Melting Pot Logo.America is known as a melting pot of culture. It is a place where all different ethnicities and backgrounds blend together as one. Like America, The Melting Pot restaurant blends different foods and flavors into one perfect creation. The concept began in Florida in 1975 and has spread across the country. Today, there are over 140 different locations in America and will open its first Canadian Franchise in 2010. In addition, franchise opportunities are still available throughout the United States.

The fondue experience is more than just cheese. At the Melting Pot, diners experience a four-course cuisine experience. It includes a savory salad; choice of several cheese fondues; a main dish and a dessert. Most meals begin with the traditional cheese fondue. The Melting Pot has many different combinations of cheese fondue. A very popular option is the Wisconsin Trio; a blend of Fontina, Butterkase and Buttermilk Bleu cheese. The main dishes include meat, fish, chicken or vegetarian options. There is something for everyone at The Melting Pot. Finally, the meal ends with a scrumptious dessert. These options include chocolate fondue or the famous Yin & Yang creation.

For diners who fall in love with the flavors, The Melting Pot offers many of their dressings or seasonings in a prepackaged format to take home and enjoy. They have a delicious House dressing or a homemade Walnut Raspberry Vinaigrette; both available in 11.85 oz bottles. In addition, they sell chocolate: Milk, Dark and White, fondue bars too!

The Melting Pot is an excellent place to celebrate special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. They also offer three different Sweet Sixteen Birthday packages starting at $26 inclusive. In addition, different Melting Pot locations offer special ladies events and other invitation only events for Club Fondue members.

During these economic times, everyone is looking for a way to save money. The Melting Pot offers their own reward program called Club Fondue. Everyone who joins will receive a FREE chocolate fondue for two. In addition, club members receive invitations to special events, wine tastings, and other offerings. To register, visit and choose Club Fondue.

Melting Pot coupons are available in a variety of ways; both on and off-line. Many franchisees participate in the 2010 Entertainment Coupon Book or offers deals on More offers are available by joining The Melting Pot on Facebook. The Melting Pot is a perfect place to combine family, friends and fondue for an evening of fun!