McDonalds Logo.McDonalds, a business phenomenon, has become a household word in every corner of the world. Trailblazing the way for other business enterprises, McDonalds has been among the first commercial outlets in such countries as the former Soviet Union and China. The trademark golden arches proudly stand for quality fast food, entrepreneurship, an outstanding business model that includes superior business ethics, and doing good in both the local community and worldwide.

McDonalds, the very name, translated into dozens of languages worldwide, and the towering Golden Arches makes people all across the planet hunger for a Big Mac with fries and a triple thick shake. And it is easy to get a great buy on that Big Mac meal, the famous Egg McMuffin breakfast meal, a triple thick milkshake and many other McDonalds foods and drinks with McDonalds coupons.

Opened by the brothers Dick and Mac McDonald in San Bernardino, California in 1940 the first McDonalds was a small drive in BBQ restaurant. The now world famous chain later grew and prospered under the guidance of Ray Kroc. Today, there are over 31,000 McDonalds Franchises in such diverse parts of the world as Tokyo, Japan, Karishamn, Sweden and Islamabad, Pakistan.

Hamburger University, where McDonald franchisees learn the basics of making their McDonalds a success is credited to Ray Krocs vision. He added indoor seating to the driveā€“in concept in 1962 and instituted the first McDonalds television commercial four years later. Today McDonalds coupons, for everything from a free order of fries or soft drink to a two-for-one offer, are a primary method of advertising for the chain.

McDonalds best known charity, the Ronald McDonald House, is only one of many charities sponsored by the corporation and individual franchisees. Through fundraising efforts such as McHappy Day McDonalds supports local and international charities. Hearing aids for impoverished children in Mexico and surgeries for children with cleft palates in Malaysia are among the countless good works sponsored by Mcdonalds.

Fast Food-Good Food-Low Priced Food; the McDonalds customer often gets much more than that thanks to the many discounts available through McDonalds coupons. Internet sites such as, and CouponConnector are among the many that offer a vast array of McDonalds coupons. A simple Google or Yahoo search will reveal many more sites with coupons for free offers, discounted items, or buy one-get one free offers. Some discounts are targeted toward specific groups or age brackets. For instance coupons might be available for the 12 and under crowd, or senior citizens

Local entertainment books almost always have free McDonalds coupons, as do the food or entertainment sections of local newspapers. McDonalds might sponsor a local charitable event with coupons for attendees or participants.

Just as McDonalds was a leader in creating the Big Mac in 1968 and the innovative Egg McMuffin in 1975, they have been a leader in the world of coupons as well. Coupons are a huge part of thanking the customer for stopping at McDonalds.