Marie Callender's Logo.Marie Callender’s Restaurant & Bakery is a growing chain of 139 locations throughout the United States and Mexico, concentrated on the west coast of the United States. It began with Marie Callender herself, baking her way into a successful pie business delivering her homemade pies to restaurants in the area, beginning in the early 1940s. By 1964, the pie delivery business became its own pie and coffee shop through Marie’s son Don Callender, within five years launching itself into a full restaurant. Eventually the restaurant even has a full bar. The legend Marie Callender created many of the recipes that are still used today in both the bakery and in the restaurant.

Marie Callender’s restaurant is known for their high-quality and fresh American food. Their signature dishes include pot pies, roasted turkey, St. Louis Bourbon BBQ Ribs, and salads, but what truly defines the Marie Callender’s Restaurant and Bakery is their pies. The pies began the business and to this day, the restaurants are famous for their wonderful bakeries. There are over thirty types of pies, all made by hand. The food is so famous that the meals have been put into most grocery stores as frozen dishes and pasta. The division of frozen foods was sold to ConAgra Foods. The restaurant is owned primarily by Castle Harlan.

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At you can find several printable coupons for Marie Callender’s restaurants, but mostly focused on particular restaurant locations in California. There are also coupons for Marie Callender’s restaurants on Here you can find such savings as Buy 1 Entrée and 2 drinks and receive 1 Entrée free or 20% off the total bill. These coupons are also available at Also, the restaurants have a featured pie. Every February and October, you can get a pie for a little under 50% off and don’t forget to collect pie tins and turn them in for credit. Their semiannual sale is restricted, though, excluding cheesecake and fresh fruit pies.