Lou Malnati's Logo.If you are talking about the best pizza places in the United States, then one of the restaurants that absolutely has to get a mention is Lou Maltani’s Pizzeria. This Chicago based company has set the bar very high with a number of their restaurants and they are getting lots of national attention for good reason. There are lots of very solid restaurant choices in Chicago, especially if you are looking for pizza. More and more people are using Lou Malnati’s coupons, though, because the restaurant brings great food and a great atmosphere to go along with it.

As one of Chicago’s best known food chains, Lou Maltani’s has a lot of history. It was founded by one of the men who was instrumental in developing the original recipe for Chicago-style pizza, so that is one of the chief reasons why the restaurant is so wildly successful. Since opening in 1971 with only one location, the restaurant has expanded to include 27 pizzerias around the Chicago area. Here recently, Lou Malnati’s has become something of an urban legend because of the fact that it has been mentioned in numerous shows on the Food Network.

As mentioned before, if you are using Lou Malnati’s coupons, you are most likely using them to get a great Chicago style pizza. Anyone who has been to Chicago knows that this pizza type is much different from your general, run of the mill pizza. It is thick and it comes with meaty topics. The process by which the pizza is made at Lou Maltini’s is different than most pizza places, so those people using Lou Maltini’s coupons will be glad to know that they are getting the authentic experience. Each of these locations is also known for the type of atmosphere that the Maltini family sought to promote. It is an old-style Chicago atmosphere that takes visitors back to the 1950s.

As far as famous locations are concerned, there is no better place to use Lou Maltini’s coupons than at the original location. That is located in Lincolnwood in the Chicago area. For those people who use that location, you will know that you are getting right to the heart of what Lou Malnati’s is all about. The Lou Malnati’s coupons that are mentioned here are usually good for a few dollars off a pizza. In some cases, there will be a special where you can get 2 pizzas for a reduced price. The restaurant is known for running different promotions and they love to advertise through the use of coupons, so good deals are out there if you are willing to look hard enough.

Finding these coupons requires one to look in the Chicago area. They are available mostly offline, because the company itself is still somewhat primitive in its marketing. They use newspaper ads in Chicago and they are big players in the coupon magazine scene. Along with many other local coupons, Lou Malnati’s coupons can be found in these popular Chicago coupon brochures.