Leslie Sansone is a nationally recognized fitness guru who has hosted multiple fitness programs, videos, and DVDs. She is perhaps best known for creating the “Walk at Home” program, an indoor aerobic exercise system.

Born on February 14, 1962 in New Castle, Pennsylvania, Leslie developed a passion for health and fitness in her early twenties while in college. She joined a workshop for group fitness instructors with her cousin as a way to help pay for college. Leslie discovered that she loved the energy and motion of moving to the music and thought working as a group fitness instructor would be enjoyable.

Leslie was surprised at the strongly supportive reception her indoor walking class for a local church group had received and even more surprised at how many students requested videotaped copies of her training sessions. Those requests gave Leslie the idea to visit with a video producer who she contracted with to begin filming home work out videos.

Leslie began recording her Walk at Home program for the mass market. The program became a hit because it appealed to the non-gym crowd. Based on Leslie’s belief that “Staying fit shouldn’t be expensive or intimidating”, her program addressed the concerns of average folks. Concerns about gym membership costs, feeling self conscious about being in a gym, lack of child care, commute to the gym, etc. were addressed by the Walk at Home program. Program participants don’t have to pay a monthly fee, drive anywhere, track down a baby sitter, and can exercise completely alone in the comfort of their own homes. Folks with average incomes and busy lifestyles no longer had an excuse not to exercise when Leslie’s videos came along. Her videos invited a whole new kind of fitness enthusiast into the fitness industry. Her videos can be used as a workout routine to greet the morning or to wrap up the day. The flexibility allowed with her program is one of the major benefits.

Leslie’s Walk at Home program is a system of walking in place that allows program participants to walk up to six miles per session without leaving the area in front their television or computer screen. The Walk at Home program offers varying degrees of difficulty from a gentle pace to a power walk. The Walk at Home program is advertised as incorporating walking speeds equivalent to the pace of a ten minute mile. This means that most people who use Leslie’s walking program are able to perform their weekly recommended amount of exercise with one tape or DVD in their own living rooms.

The Walk at Home program is successful in allowing program participants to reach their goals in a number of different ways. The program gets people off of their couches and makes them move with entertaining walking moves and upbeat music. It has been proven that any activity in a sedentary life is better than no activity. The Walk at Home program allows users to walk up to six miles a day (or more if they rewind the tape) in the comfort of their own homes. No special equipment or clothes are required. This is also a great solution for people who want to work out on a budget or who have wanted a good enouh reason to cancel their gym memberships to save some money every month.

Another benefit of Leslie’s in home programs is that they don’t just have to be used in the home. Her videos and DVDs are a mobile solution to personal fitness. For all of the working adults who are constantly on the road living hotel room to hotel room, Leslie lets travelers take her with them to be used anywhere a television or computer are available.

Some people may be satisfied at just using Leslie’s system as a backup work out system, for those times when time constraints or bad weather don’t allow their usual program. The Walk at Home program is a safe alternative to running at night or in times of inclement weather.

Walk at Home programs are also good group activities for businesses, schools, hospitals, and families. Any group of people can get together and enjoy a walking work out with Leslie.

With Leslie’s system there is no machine to purchase or to wait in line for. Compared to the cost of a personal treadmill, Leslie’s system is by far the more financially responsible and easily transportable choice. No instruction manual is needed and her program is ready to use right out of the box. There is nothing to assemble and the user won’t find any extra pieces at the bottom of the box. The user of the program also has the option of listening to the supplied sound track or setting the routine to mute and following along with his or her own choice of music playing.

Another product of the Walk at Home franchise is “Multi-Muscle Walking”. Multi-Muscle Walking is walking that utilizes all muscles of the body in different motions and directions. It has long been argued by various fitness experts that walking offers the least amount of impact on the human body when compared with other activities. Walking is far easier on the joints and bones than running and in many cases may even prove helpful in increasing the life of our joints. Multi-Muscle Walking is a program that allows a low intensity and joint friendly work out to be completed at a faster and more involved pace than slower programs.

Leslie believes that the famous philosopher Hippocrates was right when he said that “Walking is man’s best medicine.” She has made it her mission in life to spread her knowledge of the health and fitness benefits of walking. Too many people believe that exercise has to incorporate pain or discomfort in order to be effective. Leslie has shown the world that this is not the case and wants everyone to know that walking will not only help people lose weight but it will help ward off illnesses associated with inactivity and obesity. Unlike many other programs on the market, Leslie’s Walk at Home program is safe for users of all ages. Imagine being able to keep the entire family fit and healthy at the same time. The family would not just be able to exercise together but they would be able to bond and catch up with each other. This program is beneficial to men, women, and children who would benefit from a healthy lifestyle.

As part of her Walk at Home program Leslie lists thirteen benefits of walking typically achieved in the first six weeks of using the program which she calls “The Payoff”. Those thirteen benefits are:
Leslie Sansone DVD.

  1. Drop 15 pounds of fat.
  2. Gain five pounds of muscle.
  3. Look and feel fabulous.
  4. Burn an extra 200 calories a day.
  5. Lower risk of heart disease.
  6. Lower risk of stroke.
  7. Lower blood pressure.
  8. Lower cholesterol.
  9. Raise “good” cholesterol.
  10. Lower risk of diabetes.
  11. Lower risk of early death.
  12. More looks of attraction from the significant other.
  13. Love and support from family and friends.

While this program is no fad diet these above listed benefits look like they would be perfect for the person who wants to drop a few pounds for a wedding or business function coming up. The program allows people to make positive changes to their bodies and lifestyles at a healthy pace. Other diets want people to starve themselves or eat only one type of food. With Leslie’s program no changes have to be made to lifestyle or diet right away. Just start using the program and do everything else like normal. Once you see the benefits of the program you will make yourself want to learn more about how to keep improving your health and your image.

Leslie Sansone is certified by six industry respected fitness organizations to include the American College of Sports Medicine. Her in home walking program is consistently one of the highest selling walking programs on QVC. Year after year her videos are rated as the number one selling fitness videos by Video Scan. Leslie continually contributes to Woman’s Day magazine with columns which discuss the benefits of walking. It is estimated that the Walk at Home brand markets more than 50 videos and accessories.

Any skeptics who think that in house walking programs are just a fad, think again. Leslie’s programs have been on the market for almost a quarter of a century. The Walk at Home program is no fad, it is a respected fitness routine that is here to stay.

The Walk at Home program can be used as a person’s exclusive workout routine or it can be used as a gateway to more intense work out activities. It can be used to change a person’s mind about personal health. Leslie’s program proves to people everywhere that working out does not have to be a chore and that it can be fun and entertaining.

Leslie has said herself that she would rather have a conversation with the person frustrated with their fitness program because they can’t seem to see results than the health enthusiast who wants to discuss the next fad. This just goes to show how supportive Leslie is of those who want to be healthy but who constantly encounter road blocks on the road to success. She is a health expert for the everyday person.

Leslie should be able to pride herself as being a pioneer in the home work out industry. She was able to take a fast paced activity and incorporate low intensity physical activity that appealed to every generation because of its ease of use and easy accessibility.

Leslie is also the owner of a gym called Studio Fitness in the same town she was born in, New Castle, Pennsylvania. She continues to spread her message of health through her tapes and classes.