When you are visiting Las Vegas, one of the things that you will want to enjoy is the lineup of wonderful food options. Over the last few years, Las Vegas has grown to include more awesome restaurants and people are coming to see the city as more than just a place to lay a few dollars on the blackjack table. In just about every hotel and casino property on the Las Vegas Strip, you will find an excellent buffet where you can enjoy an affordable meal. In many of the hotels, the buffet serves as one of the best attractions and they host three meals per day.

Some of the nicer Las Vegas buffets are as close to fine dining as you can get while still enjoying a buffet. These restaurants came to popularity in the late 1980s, as more people looked for a quick way to get a meal. The casinos themselves love the idea of a buffet, because they can get more players in and out, allowing for more time at the gambling tables. Over the last ten years, the nicer Las Vegas properties like the Bellagio, Wynn, and the Venetian have stepped up to the plate in terms of providing a quality product. Their buffets are known to feature things like crab legs, prime rib, and a host of other delicacies.

Likewise, some buffets are known for their wonderful brunch menus. The buffet at the Paris Hotel is one that has an excellent champagne brunch. This is one of the best draws for people who come to the city and it is made even better if you have some Las Vegas buffet coupons to use when you are out there. While many restaurants offer solid meals, the buffets are on top for many visitors because they offer this great meal at a highly competitive price.
Buffet Table
Finding Las Vegas buffet coupons is easier than you might have originally thought. The casinos love to advertise these coupons because it brings people into their property and this means more gambling revenue. Their creative marketing practices can be your gain as a customer, because you will get to take advantage of a cheap or even free meal. Many of the casinos will offer a 2 for 1 deal, where you get a free buffet when you purchase one. Better still are the coupons that give people a day’s worth of meals for the price of one. This can be a nice way to cut costs by enjoying lunch and dinner at the same great buffet.

One place to look for Las Vegas buffet coupons online is on FatWallet.com. They have a host of Las Vegas deals and the buffets are usually on there. Likewise, those visitors who trek to Vegas regularly will know that Las Vegas buffet coupons are located in the free “coupon books” that you can get everywhere from the airport to the hotel lobby. These will feature the aforementioned deals and they will have lots of free buffet deals, too.

Here is a list of some of the top notable buffets in Las Vegas which offer customers coupon codes & other promotional offers

  • The Bellagio Resort Buffet
  • Paris Las Vegas’s Le Village Buffet
  • the Rio’s Carnival World Buffet & the Rio Village Seafood Buffet
  • Mandalay Bay’s Bayside Buffet
  • Harrah’s Flavors
  • The Mirage’s Cravings
  • Planet Hollywood’s Spice Market Cafe
  • Treasure Island’s Dishes
  • Bally’s Steakhouse Sterling Brunch (only on Sunday)