One of my readers is a member of the LA Weight Loss Center in McAllen Texas. She feels the place has gone down hill. She says she is having to pay for products when they come back although she had paid for them previously.

She was wondering if there was anyone else in the Rio Grande Valley having problems with this Center. She’d like to hear from you.

It’s great when we make a commitment to lose weight. When we shell out money to join a program to accomplish our weight loss goal, and we receive shoddy service, it is disheartening. Because we are overweight doesn’t mean we aren’t smart. We can tell when we are dealing with a trained professional or a wanna-be professional flying by the seat of their pants.

There is a list of various jobs, such as sales managers, and counselors available with the LA Weight Loss Franchise all over the country. I wonder what the qualifications are for these positions. You can check them out here.

Anyone from the Rio Grande Valley?….Anyone else having a recent problem with their weight loss center?….I’d love to hear from you.