A few years ago, L A Weight Loss was divide in half with one owner taking control of all corporate owned and operated centers which were called LA Weight Loss Centers, Inc. The other half became the franchisor of the franchised owned centers. It appears that during the past three years, the two separate companies have grown in different directions with obvious different program changes. For this reason, the corporate owned and operated centers have changed their name to Pure Weight Loss.

According to Pure Weight Loss, by changing their name, they now have complete control over their brand and reputation. They chose “Pure” because they felt it reprsents their focus and mission to offer healthy and effective weight loss programs to the public.

Pure Weight Loss is one of the largest weight loss companies. They claim to have over 400 centers through out the country. They claim to have helped over a million people lose and maintain their weight for the past 18 years. They accomplished this through customized meal plans, and a balanced food program, along with one-on-one weight loss counseling.

I went to Pure Weight Loss to see what the new site looked like. (The site no longer exists 01/03/08.) There is a place to put in your zip code. When I did that, it took me to a site called L A Weight Loss. I sure found that rather odd. It looks like perhaps they don’t have all their ducks in a row yet. I’m sure it is quite an undertaking, changing names with all their stores. I’m wondering though, is it that hard to change the name on a website?

Like Shakespeare said, “What’s in a name that ……..” If it successfully helps a person lose weight……who really cares what it’s called. It must be all about the money…..you think?