How Much Weight Did Kourtney Gain During Her Pregnancy?

You don’t have to be a reality TV guru to know who Kourtney Kardashian is. Best known for her reality hit series Keeping Up With the Kardashians, as well as Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, the 30 year old was born to parents Robert Kardashain and Kris Jenner. But it’s not just her onscreen time that has her in the spotlight. Kourtney, the eldest Kardashian sister, announced in August 2008 that she was expecting a baby boy in December. And although her new son, Mason Dash Disick, is sure to have her running around, Kourtney had plans to shed the baby weight long before her due date.

Kourtney has always been known for being the most petite of the Kardashian sisters, measuring only 5’1 inches in height and weighing less than 100 pounds. Fans have marveled at pictures of her in a bikini, showing off a toned, yet lean figure. And as Kourtney announced her pregnancy in August, she gushed about how she wasn’t worried about the numbers on the scale, as long as she was eating healthy for her and the baby. That was until, however, she saw the increasing numbers on the scale.

Although Kourtney had many sweet-tooth cravings that consisted of Twizzlers and frozen yogurt, she also had a lot of healthy cravings that had her eating fruit and low-fat smoothies. In addition, the new mom enjoyed prenatal yoga sessions in order to keep her body toned. With careful attention to making healthy food choices for both herself and her baby, Kourtney only gained a healthy 26 pounds during her pregnancy. Experts agree that 25 to 35 pounds is both healthy and to be expected while pregnant. Nonetheless, 26 pounds on a small figure can be hard to get rid of, which is why Kourtney had a plan in action.

Kourtney Had a Hard Time Accepting Pregnancy Weight Gain

Kourtney Kardashian.
During her final months of pregnancy, Kourtney’s younger sister, Kim Kardashian, reported to that “Kourtney is going crazy“. Kim also reported that, “She feels so big right now. She’s just ready to have the baby.” The added weight gain was hard for the petite mom to accept and she couldn’t wait to be back to her pre-pregnancy figure again.

In fact, during her eight month of pregnancy, the petite Kardashian sister announced that she was “over the red carpet being pregnant”. Even though fans were excited to see Kourtney sporting around a cute and full-size baby belly, the reality star was simply ready and anxious to deliver her son and shed the baby weight.

Why Kourtney Is Eager to Lose the Baby Weight

It’s no surprise that Kourtney would be looking to shed the baby weight shortly after the arrival of her son. She’s a reality TV star who is photographed often, especially being the first Kardashian sister to welcome a baby. And as anyone who reads the tabloids knows, the media is fixated on the topic of baby bumps and pregnancy. Camera crews are always in search of the next baby bump, as well as updates on pregnancies and new arrivals. Media and fans alike are also eager to know just how long it takes for new moms to jump back into their A+ figures.

The reason behind this ‘weight watch’ is twofold. Actors serve as role models and inspiration for the public. Their real life accounts make them feel real and connected to the public. Media-drawn pregnancies such as Kourtney’s serve as encouragement for new moms dealing with the ups and downs of pregnancy. And as Kourtney drops the baby weight, she inspires many other new moms to do the same thing, perhaps even using the same diet tricks.

And of course, the public simply holds high expectations for new moms. Because of the accessibility that actresses have to personal trainers, effective exercise routines and diet plans, the public leaves little time for these new moms to shed the baby weight. Kourtney certainly feels the pressure to step out and wow her fans with her post-pregnancy body. And as sisters Kim and Khloe have had success with dieting and are happy to show off their striking figures, Kourtney, too, is eager to join them in the process.

How Kourtney Plans to Lose the Baby Weight

In early December, before the arrival of baby Mason, Kourtney announced that she was going to shed the 26 pounds of pregnancy weight by taking QuickTrim. She was to join sisters Kim and Khloe, who have successfully dropped pounds using this supplemental diet plan. In fact, the two sisters were so excited about their recent weight loss with QuickTrim, that the girls’ mom, Kris Jenner, reported that she, too, would be trying QuickTrim with Kourtney.

Although experts agree that you should not solely rely on diet pills, products, or drugs to lose weight, the Kardashian sisters agree that QuickTrim is one product that works by itself. Even so, the girls still vouch to eating healthy and working out by doing cardio, boxing and hiking. Kourtney has never been much of an exerciser, but understands the importance of eating healthy and working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, Kourtney can always use her sister’s weight loss DVDs, Kim Kardashian’s Fit Into Your Jeans by Friday, to help shape her body.

What is QuickTrim?

QuickTrim is a diet supplement that’s specifically designed to shed pounds in a short amount of time. QuickTrim is no stranger to Hollywood, as this cleansing supplement has helped many actors shed unwanted pounds in under a week, and is available at GNC and other health + fitness stores across the country, and online at websites like Both of Kourtney’s sisters swear by QuickTrim and have had successful results, as seen in an endless array of recent photographs. The sisters have had so much success with QuickTrim that sister Kim Kardashian has endorsed the product.

The reason why QuickTrim is a beneficial way to lose weight is because it contains the right mixture of caffeine and appetite suppressants, causing you to burn 3x the amount of calories as you normally would. The boost from caffeine causes you to be more motivated to workout, as well as provides you with the endurance and stamina to burn more calories. Caffeine is also an appetite suppressant, causing you to eat less and feel fuller longer. Best of all, caffeine stimulates the process of thermogenesis, which is the way the body produces heat and energy after eating food.

Although QuickTrim has been on the market for quite some time, it wasn’t until the recent publicity by the Kardashian sisters that it has become a popular and well-known weight loss supplement. The sisters share that there are four products available through QuickTrim:

  • Burn and Cleanse, 14 Day Diet System: Boosts your metabolism to burn more calories and cleanse the body throughout the day.
  • Fast Cleanse!: This rapid weight loss formula cleanses and detoxifies the body within 48 hours to jumpstart weight loss and reduce bloating.
  • Extreme Burn: This weight loss formula works to burn calories 300% times faster with maximum results.
  • Cellulism: This body sculpting gel tones and firms skin, while reducing the appearance of cellulite.

QuickTrim comes in a tasty lemonade drink that is paired with a diet and exercise program, as well as recipes for healthy meals. While QuickTrim is known for its instant weight loss results, it also removes toxins from the body. By cleansing the body, you feel rejuvenated and healthier from the start. These feelings also lead to an increased interest in following a healthy eating and workout plan.

How Much Weight Has Kourtney Lost So Far?

No one knows how Kourtney is doing on her diet plan as of now, as the reality TV star confessed back in her eight month that her red carpet days were over for awhile. Kourtney simply didn’t feel good enough about her weight gain to be seen and photographed in public. However, she was featured on the cover of the magazine Life and Style for the December 29th issue.

Kourtney opened up about her new role as being a mom and future plans to possibly do it all over again! Although we have yet to see just how she will drop nearly 30 pounds of pregnancy weight, most fans agree that Kourtney will have no problem returning with a better-than-ever body.