Khloe Alexandra Kardashian is no stranger to the spotlight. Born the third daughter of famed O.J. Simpson attorney, Robert Kardashian Sr. and his then bride Kris Houghton (currently Kris Jenner), this Armenian beauty is a constant mainstay in the celebrity media. Khloe is also the stepdaughter of Olympian Bruce Jenner, and has a very large and loving extended family consisting of four sisters, one brother, and three stepbrothers – many of whom are celebrities in their own right. Both a socialite and a business woman, Khloe is more than just your typical spoiled celeb spawn. With her sisters Kim and Kourtney, Khloe co-owns DASH, a popular clothing boutique nestled in the hills of Calabasas, CA. Business has done so well in fact, the close knit sisters recently celebrated the boutique’s expansion into Miami, FL.

The adventures of Khloe and her madcap family are documented each week on the popular E! Television series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Originally meant to be a starring vehicle for her sister Kim, the family all became stars in their own right, Khloe in particular shone brightly given her vibrant and outgoing personality. On the show, while never really overweight, the celebrity media often cruelly estimated that the 5’10 statuesque Khloe weighed considerably more than her petite older sisters Koutney and Kim, who stand at just 5′ and 5’2″ inches respectively . While adjusting to her new fame, and the limelight that a new hit show provided her, Khloe never let naysayers dampen her spirit. However, Khloe did eventually did decide to lose weight, not to become a stick thin celebrity figure, but for her own self, and not surprisingly to anyone who has watched her over the years, on her own terms.

By 2009, Keeping Up With the Kardashians had grown so much in popularity that Khloe and older sister Kourtney starred in a spin off called Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. In the series, the duo briefly relocated to Miami, FL to open a new branch of the aforementioned DASH boutique. Additionally, the show followed the two sisters as they forayed into finding love in a new city. Khloe’s relationship adventures and personality lent themselves perfectly to the late night Miami radio show she co hosted with BET personality Terrence J, aptly titled Khloe after Dark. On the new spin off show, viewers noted that Khloe was looking fantastic and obviously had been working on her body. The shows viewers were treated to a growing and evolving Khloe as she went out on more dates and hit up the Miami nightlife scene. Viewers hit the message boards in hopes of finding our more about Khloe Kardashian’s weight loss secrets and her diet and exercise routine. Khloe obliged her public and let them into her world by doing a series of sexy photo shoots and interviews about her new slimmed down appearance. In a magazine interview addressing the issue, Khloe remarked that she had lost 20 pounds by making a commitment to staying active and eating right. There was no secret drug that lead to that weight loss, just a lot of hard work.
Khloe Kardashian.

The one exercise that Khloe swears by is cardio, and lots of it. She has resolved herself to completing at least 30 minutes of cardio per day, and mixes it up by integrating videos, hiking, boxing, and stairs to avoid boredom. Khloe praises cardio exercise as remarkable for her figure and comments that it really helps to lean her frame out. To achieve muscle definition, Khloe completes weight training when her schedule allows, and is motivated to continue by the fantastic results she has been seeing. As for her food intake, Khloe states that she eats whatever she wants until noon. After noon until bedtime, she watches what she eats and reduces her caloric consumption. She also drinks in moderation, more so than before, allowing herself to only consume a 100 calorie glass of champagne per day. Khloe has slimmed down from a size 10 to a size 6 and is more than happy with her results.

To help others lose weight, Khloe and sister Kim recently signed up to endorse new diet supplement, Quick Trim. The product is both an appetite suppressant and energy booster that contains caffeine for energy and its primary offering is a yummy lemonade flavored drink that helps to get rid of that extra water weight and bulk, effectively reducing belly bloating. Quick Trim promises fast results and is designed to complement the users lifestyle. One visit to Quick Trim’s web page quickly shows Kim and Khloe’s commitment to the product. Their instantly recognizable faces and alluring figures are prominently featured throughout the site. Fans can even view video of the sisters steamy endorsement, along with their own personal statements and an opportunity to join their VIP club. In addition to their most popular product, the 48 Hour Fast Cleanse, Quick Trim also offers three additional products that can be found in GNC stores across the country: the Cellulism Body Scultping Gel plan, the Burn & Cleanse 14 day diet system, and Extreme Burn pill, an 8 hour weight loss formula. The site also features a Daily Diet and Exercise program manual that can be downloaded by those wanting to receive the same results as the sexy Kardashian sisters. The sites blog also features practical advice and motivational tips. The Quick Trim product boasts groundbreaking sales, and a Facebook Fan page with numerous members, its popularity no doubt bolstered by the results that Kim, and more dramatically, Khloe have evidenced from the supplment.

Khloe’s results have been so amazing that in fact, she recently nabbed and married a much coveted bachelor! After only one month of dating, Khloe married NBA superstar Lamar Joseph Odom in September of 2009. The joyous occasions of their brief engagement and lavish wedding was documented by an E! Television wedding special. Viewers tuned in to find out all about this new couple, partake in the event from home, and no doubt take a look at Khloe in her wedding dress. The special was a ratings winner and viewers were not disappointed. Khloe looked absolutely amazing in her custom made Vera Wang dress and tears were shed by many in attendance. Popular American Idol host and E! Television host and producer even remarked to Khloe about how slim and stunning she looked. The newly named Khloe Kardashian Odom and her husband Lamar have settled into a multi million dollar home in a posh Los Angeles suburb, where her husband can easily make it to practice with his team, the championship Los Angeles Lakers. The Odoms are also located close to the tight knit Kardashian clan, and they have welcomed Lamar into the family with open arms. There are even talks about yet another spin off for the new couple that will capture their adjustment to their new lives together. Odom famously remarked that seeing Khloe spurred love at first sight, with many attributing this to her amazing weight loss and fantastic figure. Khloe obviously felt the same way and stated that the union immediately just felt right. Anyone that witnesses the newlyweds on TV and in private can see that the two are absolutely in love with each other and look forward to a long life together. The Odoms hope to start a family soon, but Khloe maintains that her dedication to exercise will not waver. She wants to be a hot and fit mother and she is already off to a great start.