Special K Logo.In 1906 Kellogg Company began manufacturing and selling Toasted Corn Flakes in Battle Creek, Michigan. The company began with less than 50 employees. Over the last century the company has expanded and become a global company offering a variety of foods. In addition to cereals, Kellogg’s also offers Pop-Tarts pastries, Eggo frozen waffles and Nutri-grain bars. Kellogg owns other brand names including Keebler, Murray, Austin, Famous Amos, Plantation, and Kashi. Kellogg currently manufacturers products in 17 countries and markets their foods in more than 180 countries globally.

Kellogg began as a company offering toasted corn flakes that generations of Americans and people around the globe have enjoyed. Today they offer a variety of foods in addition to cereal including toaster pastries, cookies, crackers, cereal bars, frozen waffles and vegetarian meat alternatives. One of their healthy and delicious products is the Special K line of cereals and breakfast bars.

Special K is made from a blend of rice and wheat. It was first offered in 1956 and was the first cereal to feature increased levels of protein. The first cereal offered was the original flavor, which is still available today. However, at this time the available Special K flavors have expanded greatly. The cereals contain eleven different vitamins and minerals in a cereal that is delicious and satisfying. They also offer Protein Snack Bars, Protein Meal Bars, Cereal Bars, Waffles and Crackers, as well as Protein Shakes and Protein Water Mixes. All Special K products are designed to provide the nutrition you need, along with the taste you crave, in a balanced package that will allow you to still lose or maintain your weight.

Special K cereal flavors include the original, original with Red Berries, Cinnamon Pecan, Fruit and Yogurt, Blueberry, Chocolatey Delight, Protein Plus, Granola and Vanilla Almond. Cereal snack bars are available in tempting flavors including Peaches and Berries, Chocolatey Dipped Raspberry, Honey Nut, Strawberry, Chocolatey Drizzle or Chocolatey Dipped Mocha, Vanilla Crisp and Blueberry. All the cereal snack bars offer the same great taste as the cereal, with the added benefit of reduced calories.

Kellogg’s offers the Special K Challenge. They claim that by following this diet plan, you can lose weight. On their website at http://www.specialk.com/challenge/instructions you can even find personalized support for following the plan and shedding pounds. The basic guidelines are that you eat Special K cereal for breakfast, or a Protein Shake or Special K Protein Meal Bar. Your second meal is the same thing with a sensible and healthy dinner. Each day you can also enjoy two snacks from among the Special K selections.

Kellogg’s Special K products are available in grocery and discount stores as well as membership clubs like Costco or Sam’s. While the cereals are found in the breakfast aisle, cereal bars may be found with the cookies and crackers. The Protein Meal Bars, Shakes and Water mixes may be found with the health foods or diet aids. Kellogg’s often offers coupons in the Sunday newspapers which can be used on Special K cereals. Coupons for the other Special K products can also be found in the newspapers. The Kellogg’s primary website also offers coupons at http://www2.kelloggs.com/Product/KelloggCoupon.aspx?id=1992 . The Special K website also offers coupons for Special K Granola, Fruit Crisps and Shakes. When you visit the page at http://www.specialk.com/Products/Coupons you will also have the option of signing up to receive special promotions and coupons.

When you buy Special K products you are choosing quality foods that will satisfy your carvings in a healthy way. You can lose weight without surrendering flavor. Taking the time to get coupons for your Special K goods will help you save money in the process.