K9 Advantix Logo.For dog owners, the health of their canine is a top priority. Although they are often times content to crash out on the sofa for extended periods of time, dogs are made to be active, and there’s nothing more fun than taking our furry best friend for a romp through the woods or engaging it in a long game of Frisbee in the local pet park. However, certain aspects of nature can be dangerous for our pets. If a harmful parasite latches onto the dog, disease and discomfort will hound it, generating lofty vet bills and putting the dog through an ordeal that could possibly end in death. Thankfully, K9 Advantix was created especially to stop parasites in their sinister tracks.

K9 Advantix is part of the Bayer Health Care Animal Health Division. This ultra powerful pharmaceutical company was founded by Friedrich Bayer and Johann Friedrich in Barmen, Germany, in 1863. Many people know Bayer as the trusted name in aspirin, and for good reason, as they owned the trademark for the pain pill. Bayer’s Aspirin trademark status was taken from them by the U.K., America, and France during World War I, but still stands in over 80 countries today. Branching out to the pet population, Bayer brings the same trusted quality of medicine to dogs.

K9 Advantix kills mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and any other parasite that tries to harm your dog through a combination of imidacloprid and permethrin, which directly attack the pest’s nervous system, paralyzingng and killing it in no time flat. Ticks drink the blood of a dog, and certain ticks can make it very sick, sometimes causing paralysis or anemia. If undetected, a tick can live on a dog for up to a year. Applying K9 Advantix ends this issue by killing ticks before they can latch on to the dog and begin their dangerous feeding process. Although many view fleas as annoying pests (which they certainly are), it’s also a fact that they can physically harm your dog. If enough fleas decide to turn your dog into dinner, the inflicted wounds can cause anemia, which is a drastic loss of blood. Fleas can also cause dermatitis, but the main threat they pose is infecting your beloved dog with tapeworm, which can weaken it by draining it of nutrition. The dog can catch tapeworm by ingesting the flea, which he or she will likely do since it will be gnawing on those itchy areas of skin. K9 Advantix not only stops the fleas in mid bite and kills them in under five minutes, but it also prevents them from laying eggs, helping to solve the long term pest problem.

Mosquitoes pose a great danger to a dog, as it can transmit heart worm. Once your dog catches heart worm, it is infected for the remainder of its life. It’s painful to watch a dog suffer from heart worm. It’s almost always tired and ill, and sometimes, if major blood vessels are blocked, heart worm can prove fatal. Not only does K9 Advantix prevent mosquitoes, but it also takes care of biting flies and chewing lice as well. To apply K9 Advantix, simply part the dog’s hair and empty the tube onto the skin. If your dog is small, apply to only one spot, but spread it out to three spots for bigger dogs (over twenty pounds). The difference between K9 Advantix and the brand Frontline Plus is that K9 Advantix covers a wider range of pests, and K9 repels and kills pests while Frontline only kills them. K9 Advantix can only be purchased from a licensed veterinarian, so if you’re interested you’ll want to phone up your vet and make an appointment today.

The best place to look for K9 Advantix coupons is the special offers section of main website itself, which can be found at http://k9advantix.petparents.com/specialOffers.cfm. When you purchase a six pack with the coupon, you get one month for free. The form you are required to fill out on the website to receive the coupon consists only of a first and last name section and a place for your email, with the option to opt out of being sent other offers from the website.